Titans of forward-thinking melodic bass SLANDER, Alison Wonderland and Said The Sky form a powerhouse trio for a long-awaited collaboration with the release “Picture” today (12/30) to close out 2022. In October 2021, SLANDER and Said The Sky teased a rough cut of the track during their epic b2b EDC Vegas set while Wonderland tuned in via Facetime. The moment was captured on SLANDER’s Twitter here. Now fans everywhere can listen in its final form.

Listen to SLANDER, Alison Wonderland & Said The Sky’s “Picture” here:

This cinematic love song features Wonderland singing “Never thought I’d see the day that I’d walked away / Now I’m alone / And I wonder if I’ll ever feel the same / Find it harder to believe that you care for me / We got nowhere to go, we can’t make it right / I, I can’t picture me without you.” Around her beautiful vocals, the three sets of producers build a web of textured electronic layers for a captivating track.

“Picture” has been several years in the making due to the hectic studio schedules and touring demands from all three artists. As 2022 closes, its release is their final gift of the year for fans. “We are so excited ‘Picture’ is finally here. We have been working on this song since fall 2019 and we could not be happier with the final version. Massive shout out to Alison Wonderland and Said The Sky for being two of the kindest and most talented humans we have ever worked with,” shares SLANDER.


Amassing over one billion streams and counting, selling out arenas, and earning acclaim from BillboardLA WeeklySPIN and more, Los Angeles-based SLANDER is the American DJ/Producer duo consisting of Derek Andersen and Scott Land. They are best known for their unique, emotional, melodic bass music sound. Going from being Icon Collective graduates to selling out Red Rocks, and playing mainstage at global festivals such as EDC and Ultra as well as commanding their own sold-out headlining tours, SLANDER has become one of the hottest acts in dance music with two RIAA Gold Certifications to their name. In the fall of 2022, SLANDER released their debut studio album Thrive. For their 10-track player, SLANDER set the stage with not only their massive hit “Love Is Gone” featuring Dylan Matthew but also “Halfway Down” [with Ashley Drake], “Walk On Water” [feat. RØRY & Dylan Matthew], and “Replay” [with Dylan Matthew]. Listen to THRIVE here:


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About Alison Wonderland:

When it comes to making music, Alison Wonderland has always worn her heart on her sleeve. Her songwriting is visceral and raw, creating lines that feel like entries from her own diary and twisting the familiar burns of heartache and hurt into empowering mantras. Her production is as explosive as it is delicate, channeling intricate, uncompromising beat work and blending in the unexpected, like cello breakdowns, amongst swinging trap, bass beats, and dynamic, futuristic soundscapes. 

Everything has changed since Alison Wonderland released her last record in 2018. The world turned upside down when a global pandemic wiped out “normal life” as everyone knew it. Like many, Alison Wonderland found herself suddenly very still, and very alone. Loner captures Alison Wonderland at her best; an exhilarating juxtaposition of lyrics and sound, the album is as bright as it is brash. Her songwriting, sharper than ever, is disarmingly genuine and wickedly clever. Longtime fans will know that Alison Wonderland has always faced her own experiences of loss, hurt, and unbridled passion head on through her music, but with Loner, there exists an undeniable new draw in her explorations of hope and perseverance. “For me, Loner felt like a rebirth.” With her latest, Alison Wonderland transforms darkness into light, disorder into order. “I owe it to whoever else is out there who was like me, wishing that they had an album like this to empower them to feel less alone and know that it’s all going to be okay one day,” she says. In 2022, as we emerge from past years of cloudy, turbulent change, Loner has arrived just in time to remind us to look ahead to a better tomorrow.

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About Said the Sky:

Trevor Christensen has been a musician for 20 years, releasing triumphant electronic-pop as Said the Sky since 2014. Freshly signed to friend and collaborator Illenium’s Kasaya and 12Tone Music, he’s exploring his limitless potential, blending the lofty melodies of hits “Rush Over Me,” “All I Got” and “Where’d U Go” with the pop-punk energy of his youth. He learned piano as a child and studied at Berklee College of Music. When he wasn’t in class, he was in his dorm watching videos about sound design. After two semesters, he moved back into his mom’s basement, got a full time job and two part-time gigs. Every spare second was spent crafting melody-driven electronic sing-alongs. He met mixing and mastering engineer Chris Cox who introduced him to Nick Miller, aka ILLENIUM. They’ve shared massive hits and helped each other explore the frontier of live electronic performance. Christensen loves the feeling of being in a band and warping the tremolo effect of his Fender Rhodes on stereo speakers installed in his closet or sticking a microphone above the hammers to catch the mechanical sounds, he’s inspired to inject more of the ephemeral into his music. “We Know Who We Are” with Olivver the Kid captures that with acoustic riffs, lilting piano and Kid’s specific storytelling. The two have worked on a slew of new songs, just part of the body of work Christensen is set to release. It’s a new chapter in an exciting story that is far from new but in so many ways has only just begun.

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