Slikback, DJ Loser, DJ Stingray 313 and more feature on Herrensauna’s second compilation

Two years since their first compilation, Herrensauna returns with a double 12-inch V/A showcasing eight crucial artists from the global underground.

For their second release, the Berlin-based label and queer collective look to the forefront of experimentalism in electronic music, connecting the dots between producers of varying backgrounds to lay down an aesthetic statement of intent.

Driving percussion, drilling offbeats, and eerie soundscapes paint an intense picture of Herrensauna’s own events – for which they regularly collaborate with other collectives – whilst also looking outward for inspiration.

A droning, distortion-soaked new track by Kenyan Nyege Nyege resident Slikback sits alongside a maximalist electro remix of Georgian resident Salome by DJ Stingray 313, whilst Colombian producer Verraco offers up a euphoric, percussive rework of Merino and Greece’s DJ Loser + Malafama offer up a syncopated, multi-genre new cut for the peak hours.

By prioritising freedom of expression, the compilation serves as an inspiring example of collaboration beyond genre restraints, and a documentation of some of the most innovative producers of the moment.

Artwork for the release was created by in-house resident Mauro Ventura (aka DJ Saliva), with the photography of Haakon Korbi.

artist V/A
title Herrensauna V/A Vol. 2
label Herrensauna
date 23rd December 2022
format digital, vinyl
Pre-order HERE


  1. Isabella – Stunt
  2. Slikback – Density
  3. Nebuchadnezzar – Comesediceblood
  4. GOD69 – XHALA
  5. Merino – Those Days (Verraco Remix)
  6. Salome – Tsru Ghelva (DJ Stingray 313 Remix)
  7. DJ Loser + Malafama – Saliarrr
  8. ZVRRRA – Glance