Slippy Returns To NIGHTMODE With Genre-Blurring Two-Tracker ‘Nobody / White Noise’

Slippy makes his remarkable return to NIGHTMODE with ‘Nobody / White Noise,’ a pair of cross pollinating cuts arriving as part of the label’s tenth season of releases. 

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L.A-based producer Slippy is back on NIGHTMODE with an impressive two-track offering. The new release serves as a direct follow-up to his previous genre-bending double-sided single ‘Lone / Feel Alive.’ The lead single sees Slippy connecting with Parisian multi-instrumentalist and producer Maazel, while the second track leans on the evocative vocals talents of LÚTHIEN. 

Acting as a true standout single, Slippy and Maazel join forces for the epic wave-meets-future bass sounds on “Nobody.” Faint vocal hooks and tension-building drums set the tone for a moody ride. Glistening keys and swelling strings explode into commanding synths for brilliantly triumphant drops. While the builds and breaks exude a sense of refined uncertainty, the contrasting highs breed feelings of unstoppability. Empowering, moving, and ever-progressing, “Nobody” delivers as you’d expect from the two production powerhouses.

“White Noise” dives deeper into the realms of emotion. LÚTHIEN’s vocals are ghostly, filled with undertones of longing and regret. The hauntingly majestic topline is met with soft evocative pads and somber tones. Slippy takes listeners through the cosmos with a fierce first drop that blurs the lines between wave, dubstep and trap. As LÚTHIEN returns as a focal point, the track explores the expanse before returning back to earth with a dancefloor-ready house finale that’s backed with strong kick drums and precision percussion.

Nobody / White Noise is a pairing of two collaborations I’ve been finalizing for a long time. ‘Nobody’ is a more upbeat cut with Maazel that blends our sounds together with a pairing of both future bass and dubstep, and I’m so stoked to have finally been able to work together with him! ‘White Noise’ on the back half is a more downtempo cut blending dubstep and house, while exploring the concept of our perception of life shifting, and viewing both our past and future selves differently as a result. It was such a pleasure to work with LUTHIEN on this song, and she absolutely nailed the lyrical themes and performance!”—Slippy  

“I’ve always admired Slippy’s music and working with him was something I had to cross off my bucket list! The collaboration between us went very smoothly and ‘Nobody’ was finished in just a few back and forths. We were aiming for something that really blended both our soundscapes and I think we achieved that quite well. The result is just the perfect mix of empowering future bass with a hint of fierce dubstep. I’m really proud of how this one turned out!”—Maazel 

Slippy Bio

Alex Swartwout –better known by his stage name Slippy– is an EDM producer and DJ hailing from California. He began releasing music with Monstercat in 2015 and has quickly grown to become a widely-recognized figure in the bass music scene, known for his distinguished take on trap and dubstep, alongside other styles. Slippy’s signature sound can best be described as a riveting hybrid of genres with dark, sinister, orchestral-influenced undertones. Many of Swartwout’s originals lure listeners in with rich atmospheres and eerie melodies, but quickly shift things into high gear with fiery, energetic bass drops. Swartwout has worked with acts such as Dirty Audio, Ace Aura, TYNAN, and Heimanu, with his productions receiving support from notable names like ILLENIUM, Steve Aoki, Seven Lions, NGHTMRE, Yellow Claw, Kayzo, Koven, Diplo, Adventure Club, and many more. He has also had music featured in Rocket League and Beat Saber (currently the best-selling VR game in the world), done official remixes for the likes of Gryffin, Dabin, Krewella and REAPER, and performed at premier festivals and venues such as Lost Lands, EDC Las Vegas, Avalon Hollywood, and Academy Los Angeles. Fast forward to 2023, and Slippy has spread his wings to new audiences and sounds, continuing to blend genres and styles together into new creations while maintaining his own signature sound.


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