Smalltown DJs & Joanna Magik Heat Up The Summer With ‘Energy (feat. Techno Tupac)’ via Dirtybird Records

Today, Canadian duo Smalltown DJs and female producer/DJ Joanna Magik release their new collaboration ‘Energy’ featuring Techno Tupac, out now via Dirtybird Records.

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An anthemic summertime heater from the trio of Canadian house makers, ‘Energy’ is destined for the dancefloor. Cut with sharp percussive hits, reverbed synth stabs, and deep, thumping basslines, ‘Energy’ ebbs and flows with an infectious groove. Topping off the unrelenting rhythms, Techno Tupac’s tantalizing vocals echo throughout as he sings “Everytime you touch me I feel energy”. Just as its name suggests, ‘Energy’ was built for those with stamina to burn.

Regarding the release, Smalltown DJs said, “We are stoked to collaborate on ‘Energy’ because it’s a juicy hybrid of our sounds and there’s no better word to describe the vibrancy of our respective DJ sets. It’s a dream to have it released on Dirtybird.”

Smalltown DJs have garnered attention with their releases on Rules Don’t Apply, Fool’s Gold, Box of Cats, and Night Bass, while fellow female Canadian Joanna Magik has made a name for herself as part of LP Giobbi’s Femme House collective. Consistent faces across Canadian clubs, festivals, and beyond, Smalltown DJs and Joanna Magik have made an impression with ‘Energy’ and earned their debut on Dirtybird Records.

Smalltown DJs and Joanna Magik invite the flock to the anthemic sounds of their new collaboration ‘Energy’ out now. 

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