So Dope Reveals Atmospheric 8-Track EP, ‘Alone In My Dreams’

Having teased us with several infectious offerings including ‘That Feeling’ and ‘3+2=U’, rising  DJ and producer So Dope is set to captivate listeners with his 8-track EP, ‘Alone In My Dreams’. The latest from New York-based talent serves as a premier example of So Dope’s unique and refreshing brand of electronic music, which is showcased in full force. Recently joining the Lowly family, So Dope is known for his innate production capabilities and versatility, which are both on display in the stunning 8-track collection. Representing the A-side of a two-part EP series, ‘Alone In My Dreams’ serves as a contemporary marriage between core future bass and trap elements, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the ‘Revenge’ EP, slated for release later this year. ‘Alone In My Dreams’ is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Lowly.


The striking 8-track collection opens with the ethereal and introspective ‘Intro’. Setting the tone for the EP with delicate instrumentation and light synth work. Complemented by the resonating sounds of a ringing phone, dial tones and voicemails, , the 73 second track serves as a meditative reflection on the feeling of isolation that can come from being alone in your dreams. ‘IJust Feel (Alone In My Dreams)’ follows, a standout track featuring detailed percussive elements, soulful vocals and vibrant instrumentation.The track adds layers of texture and depth to the EP, with elements of drum n bass infused with smooth atmospheric and melodic ingredients, creating a mellow and brooding ambiance.

3+2=U’ featuring Washington DC-based DJ and producer EYEZIC continues the EPs enigmatic ethos. Showcasing So Dope’s dynamic range, the track is a cheeky future bass production that features airy synths, chopped vocal samples, and heavy basslines creating an energetic and memorable listening experience. Next up is ‘FriendsWithBenefits’, a high-energy and groovy fusion of different genres that seamlessly blends textured string riffs and soulful melodies with electronic elements and resonant basslines.  The track serves as a testament to So Dope’s exceptional ability to create a unique and captivating auditory experience, enveloping the listeners’ ears in a whirlwind of sound. Tapping Florida-based talent Wxnder Y for vocal duty, ‘DoUMind’ follows, seamlessly blending downtempo beats, diaphanous textures, and captivating vocals. Combining elements of hip-hop with the radiant soundscapes of electronic music, So Dope’s intoxicating production style is on full display resulting in a moody and mesmerizing aurality that is both haunting and breathtaking. 

“Throughout the process, a lot of people didn’t understand the dedication it took to make this project come to life but a select few did and always have. I think everybody can relate to having those core people always supporting and understanding you, no matter what. I keep them close because they’re a rare breed.”

– So Dope

THAT FEELING’ with rising DJ and producer Arya is a stirring production featuring a commanding vocal cut, atmospheric elements, and melodic instrumentation.  The transcendent and euphoric components, along with the bass-drive production technique create a musing and emotive feel while still maintaining a strong bass presence. The EP continues with ‘KNOW ME’, a standout track on the EP, characterized by its euphoric energy and dynamic instrumentation. Boasting a pitched down vocal cut, textured string riffs, lush cords, and uplifting synth melodies, the track strikes a perfect balance between warbly intricacy and soulful simplicity.  ‘Personal (Prelude To Revenge)’ rounds  out the ‘Alone In My Dreams’ EP, featuring California-based talent Mayzin on vocal duty. The track serves as the perfect overture to the B-Side of the EP, igniting a fervor within listeners, leaving them eagerly anticipating the forthcoming tracks that will undoubtedly match the same level of artistic mastery and musical prowess showcased on the ‘Alone In My Dreams’ EP

With the ‘Alone In My Dreams’ EP, So Dope offers a unique blend of core future bass and trap elements that are sure to captivate listener’s across the world. The 8-track collection is just the beginning of a two-part series that will showcase So Dope’s range and versatility as an artist. Taking listeners on a journey through two distinct sonic landscapes, the latest from the shining talent showcases his ability to craft both light and playful tracks, as well as dark, heavier productions with his forthcoming ‘Revenge’ EP, due for release later this year.

ABOUT SO DOPE – So Dope is a project launched by New York native Pedro Mercado in mid 2018. In his sound, Pedro sets himself apart through his RnB and Soul vocal sampling coupled with his love for UK Garage & Drum and Bass. Pedro has dialed in on a fresh, unique, contemporary marriage between core future bass and trap elements. “Alone In My Dreams” is the melodic leaning A-side of a two-part EP series, with the trap leaning “Revenge” EP representing the darker, heavier side of the project.