SOHMI Shares New Single ‘Missin U’

Ahead of Upcoming Tour Dates in Seattle, Toronto, Regenerate Festival, Sundream Festival, and Shambhala Festival.

Today, Korean-American dance music sensation SOHMI releases her new single ‘Missin U’ on Permission / Thrive Music.

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The next phase of her upcoming Recital EP, ‘Missin U’ is a testament to the intimate nature carried throughout each of her creations. A lively and rhythmic followup to her previous singles ‘Somebody’ and ‘Only One’, SOHMI’s latest offering is a club-centric take on her ‘minimal pop-tech’ sound. Capturing the essence of long-intended voicemail, the track is sprinkled with SOHMI’s glitchy chopped vocals over an energetic drumbeat. ‘Missin U’ serves as the third release off SOHMI’s upcoming Recital EP, due out this spring.

Regarding the track, SOHMI said, “This is the closest moment to a ‘club record’ on the EP, with a bit more emphasis shined on the drums and groove than the vocals. I still wanted it to feel intimate and personal however, as every track of the EP is meant to feel sort of like a sonic page out of my diary. So the chopped up spoken words throughout the track were sampled from an actual voice message I left on my co-producer Sam’s phone. It’s not an overly complex track, and was meant to capture a simple, fleeting feeling; the rush of leaving a voice message or reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to – but have missed – for a long time.”

Overcoming societal stereotypes and parental pressures as a first generation Korean-American, SOHMI has earned herself a rare position in underground dance music not often seen from the world she comes from. Now based in Los Angeles, SOHMI spent most of her life growing up in Hong Kong and Korea before moving to NY to pursue a career in the music industry and eventually the world of tech and startups when she was 21. A graduate of Duke University, SOHMI eventually traded her expected traditional career path and background in tech for the chance to explore her creativity through the immersive house and techno scenes she’d come to love after a life-changing move to Los Angeles in 2016. Less than a year after launching her artist career, SOHMI performed at Ultra Korea 2019, where she was able to prove herself to her family and earned the support of her parents.

From becoming the first Korean-American resident of LA’s renowned underground house and techno club, Sound, to founding her own record label Permission, SOHMI’s acceleration through the electronic scene is nothing short of impressive. Newer to the scene with her debut release in 2020, SOHMI’s training as a classical pianist combined with her modern take on dance music as a producer and vocalist quickly won her places on the most revered stages in the music world. In 2022, SOHMI rose to new heights, performing at festivals including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lightning In A Bottle, and Electric Forest. Top talents such as RÜFÜS DU SOL, Kaskade, Boris Brejcha, and Hot Since 82 have hand selected SOHMI to open for their shows across the US, recognizing her undeniable and far-ranging talent.

SOHMI invites fans to dance along to her euphoric new single ‘Missin U’. 

SOHMI Upcoming Tour Dates
March 11 – Seattle, WA – Monkey Loft
April 1 – Toronto, Canada – Coda
April 22 – Denver, CO – Regenerate Festival
May 12 – San Jose Del Cabo, MX – Sundream Festival
July 21 – Salmo River Ranch, BC – Shambhala Music Festival

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