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SOiOS signs “Semillas del Tiempo Vol. II” on QTZL

The artist from Ecuador joins the transatlantic collective and label founded by Gorka Molero and Nicola Cruz five years ago with this EP, which has been released on June 24th

QTZL gets ready to add a new artist to its already eclectic team. After releasing works by Quixosis, Rodrigo Gallardo (Matanza), El Búho and Gorka and Nicola Cruz the label releases SOiOS’s latest EP.

SOiOS, also known as Nicolás Alexander, is an artist from Ecuador with a sound that is genuinely his own. A unique combination of sounds derived from the folklore that are implemented in contemporary electronic music. SOiOS creates a perfectly recognizable sound that travels held by soundscapes surrounded by a mystic aura. His latest EP “Semillas del Tiempo Vol.II” is the perfect example. Composed by four parts “Semillas del Tiempo”, “Feel Me” feat. Mariela Espinosa, “Otro Color” and “Kuna” feat. Quixosis, this sequel of his “Semillas del Tiempo Vol.I” (2017) let itself fall into the arms of the traditional rhythms of Ecuador, but the influence of electronic music is always present. Pure SOiOS style.

Semillas del Tiempo Vol.II” is already available on QTZL from 24th of June.