Son Savage shares his emotionally charged single ‘The River’

Lebanon born, Dubai-based singer, songwriter and music producer Son Savage reveals his new track ‘The River’, his comeback release after a 6-year hiatus and the first off his long anticipated album “Folie à Deux” (Madness of Two) coming out this October. The single is out 27th August on all streaming platforms.

‘The River’ explores toxic patterns that can occur in love where there is no attempt at change within yourself. In repeating the same scenarios of love with different people expecting something to change, you end up attracting the same type of person and going down the same path over and over again.

Talking about the track, Son Savage says, “The track explores toxic patterns in the context of love (The whole album explores love as a form of ‘folie à deux’). The River speaks about repetition, doing sh*t you know won’t end well but drifting along with it regardless.”

Son Savage brings a much needed global perspective to his anthemic, high energy pop music.

Born in Lebanon and based in Dubai, he has collaborated with artists from Europe to Los Angeles, creating an infectious, one of a kind style in the process. His music sets itself apart with a sense of adventure, exploring the dualities of modern life through memorable melodies and hypnotic rhythms.

Although music has always been his true passion, Son Savage spent much of his adult life working in the corporate world. That would all change after the August 4 Beirut Blast, when his hometown in Lebanon was devastated by one of the largest explosions in history. Confronted with the fragility of his own life, he decided not to waste another day, and began pursuing music with his whole heart.

With several singles, including ‘The River,’ and a full length debut on the way in 2021, Son Savage is well on his way to establishing an international audience. Each of his tracks reveals a different side of his artistry, as he sings about love, loss, and madness with incomparable conviction.

Son Savage is a vital new voice with an important story to tell and he seems destined to leave a lasting mark in music.