Spinnin’ Records Drops New Lincoln Jesser 7 Minute Music Video

Spinnin’ Records Drops New Lincoln Jesser 7 Minute Music Video

lincoln jesser between these lines

Lincoln Jesser – ‘Between These Lines‘ – Ahead of the full release of LA producer, DJ, vocalist and instrumentalist Lincoln Jesser‘s new Casa Mirage EP, a full-length music video and featurette has been created to illustrate the project’s two lead singles, ‘Between These Lines‘ featuring Quiñ and ‘Lost With You.’

Out now via the Spinnin’ Records YouTube channel, Jesser‘s featurette fuses the lyrical concept of both singles for the nearly seven-minute feature. Directed by Justin Pagano, Jesser‘s feaure moves thrrough time and space at its own unique and cleverly crafted narrative timeline. The beauty of the music video lies in its abstract composition that moves forward, backward, and everywhere in between allowing the viewer to really immerse themselves into the unknown.

Lincoln Jesser returned with now viral single ‘Lost With You‘ that has racked up over an incredible 200,000 plays in less than one month, and equally as successful follow up single ‘Between These Lines.’

Featuring a number of powerhouse collaborations still to come from the Casa Mirage EP, listeners will hear additional features from Nella, Anjulie, Joker Jaxx, Jarell Perry, and Quiñ. Casa Mirage will serve as Jesser‘s evolution as a multi-talented musician. Stay tuned for the EP’s full release on Spinnin’ coming November 18th.