Spotify adds new privileges for Samsung customers

Spotify adds new privileges for Samsung customersSpotify Samsung Daniel Ek Photo Cred Spotify Newsroom

After announcing its partnership with Samsung in August 2018, Spotify has continued to compete with Apple Music as a default music provider. Currently, it’s the go-to listening option for Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant (the competitor to Apple’s Siri). However, as of March 8, the Swedish streaming service has expanded this partnership to astronomical levels, now coming preinstalled on most Samsung devices worldwide.

With the recent launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S10, Spotify is also offering a free six-month subscription to their premium service (check here for requirements). The offer only applies to new customers or users of Spotify’s free ad-supported service, so past subscribers/trial users are out of the question. Additionally, the free subscription is only attainable by Galaxy S10 buyers in the US, with the possibility of expansion to other devices going forward.

In 2019, this marks another major development for the streaming giant, rolling out an “artist-muting” feature and curated playlists for zodiac signs.

H/T: The Verge