SQWAD Showcase Their Depth on Debut 5-Track EP ‘Your Soul’ on Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION

The French duo returns to Insomniac’s house-centric imprint with their debut EP.

SQWAD makes their way back over to the IN / ROTATION imprint with their debut EP, ‘Your Soul,’ a five-track offering showcasing their authority over compelling house grooves. 

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After warming things up through two top-notch singles, the tag team from France is now ready to unveil their first multi-track release on Insomniac’s house-centric label, IN / ROTATION. On the whole, the release is a well-rounded effort that shows them refining a smelting mixture of influences forming a sound that has taken the dancefloor by storm. 

Kicking off the proceedings with the titular number “Your Soul,” a low-slung tech house number exemplifying the sonic development they’ve continually worked towards with their craft. It’s built around elastic basslines and a bed of shuffling percussion, while panning scattershot synths and echoing vocal stabs create a propulsive daze-inducing drive. 

“It is the centerpiece of this project and the demonstration of our musical evolution,” says SQWAD. “A powerful and original tech house cut for the dancefloor!” 

The second cut finds them recruiting the help of another two-person outfit, the Las Vegas-based vocal and production duo Gold Lemonade. Having reached critical acclaim for their fusion of hip-hop and electronic music, the award-winning project adds a sultry texture to the track. “Keep It Goin” pushes itself along a pulsating bassline and punchy riffs, while a suave R&B-leaning vocal hook keeps the steamy vibe moving ever-forward.  

Jammed in the middle of the pack is arguably the most energetic cut from the lot. “They Don’t Know” is the very definition of a peak-time tech groover. Carrying most of the weight on its back is the beefy low-end, whose impact is further intensified from rolling drums, heavy foghorns, growling phasers, and a soulful vocal hook that gets chopped up and mechanized to become part of the percussion. 

Dialing things back on the way down is “Only You,” the first release that was pulled from the EP. On it, they explore a moody and melodic space effectively differentiating the lead single from the rest of the group. Fueled by an affectionate vocal croon, the track fans the flames of desire via crisp drum programming, flickering arps, and brooding piano keys. 

“It’s a melancholic tech house track carried by a beautiful female voice. We wanted to create an easy listening piece that was more melodic than club.” 

“Down On Me” wraps up the affair like any proper closing cut should. Embracing a deeper template, it boasts a low-key atmosphere afforded to it by gliding piano chords and an emotional vocal loop. The light and delicate touch is accentuated by high-pitched guitar plucks in the bridge. But it’s not strictly an afterhours selection, considering the fact that the main sections still possess enough teeth to drive the dancefloor wild. 

“We are super happy to finally be able to present our new ‘Your Soul’ EP on IN / ROTATION. This EP is the result of several months of work.”

SQWAD has enjoyed multiple appearances on the label since making their debut back in 2020. The releases so far have been limited to singles and compilations, starting off with “Disco Light” on the third installment of the ‘Rotate’ series, and then jumping into three separate solos: “Back On Track,” “Everyday,” and “Bring It Back,” chronologically. This new EP is a solid continuation of the SQWAD story, chronicling the waves they continue to make in the house music scene.

SQWAD’s new single “Only You” is available everywhere via IN / ROTATION.

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