STAR SEED gets hung up on reminiscing with their sophomore single for NIGHTMODE, “Reasons,” a reflective electro pop anthem lining up on the label’s sixth season of releases.

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Earlier in the year, the experimental electronic two-piece stepped in with their hair-raising debut appearance on imprint via “I’m Outside.” Lurking amidst the cover of nightfall, the downtempo affair showcased an edgier side of the duo’s sensibilities by providing a look through the lens of someone who might be taking their feelings a little too far. Nashville-based singer Charity Vance provided a chilling POV of the soon-to-be stalker as her obsessive confessions crept through the shadows of a tantalizing beat. The song was another solid demonstration of STAR SEED’s ability to work around impassioned songwriting, and their follow-up release is here to help strengthen the case. 

“Reasons” follows the internal dialogue that oftentimes takes place when a relationship reaches its expiration date. On it, the sullen protagonist is shown replaying the highlight reel from the honeymoon phase only to realize the romance has been yanked out right underneath their feet. The stark comparison between past and present versions is elucidated while she runs down the list of reasons why feelings have started to fall short. Her honey-laced vocal delivery is reinforced with clattering percussion and swirling guitar melodies that transform into palm-muted strums while the emotions intensify with the weight of the truth. They paint a picture of a highly relatable scenario, and STAR SEED truly hits the nail on the head at summoning those feelings from an age-old dilemma. 

There’s no question about how much their career is starting to take off. Seven Lions was an earlier adopter of the project, giving them the highly coveted cosign when he picked up their debut EP on his Ophelia label. However, the performance hype around the duo is matching the buzz they’ve built from the studio. At the start of September, they took part in the inaugural Lost In Dreams festival in Downtown Las Vegas, the first official showcase of the burgeoning future bass- and melodic dubstep-focused imprint under Insomniac Music Group. In a couple of months, they will be flying out to the idyllic islands of Hawaii to host their first-ever headlining show in November. All things considered; the future is looking bright for these cosmically aligned artists. 

STAR SEED’s sophomore effort on NIGHTMODE, “Reasons,” goes down as a single item list that should not require any more convincing as to why they deserve to be on your radar. 

“Ever since we discovered the old instrumental for this song on a hard drive, we knew it was special. Sometimes melodies and timbres speak to us in a way that words can’t. And then when lyrics are added after, it makes for a very special piece of music.”–STAR SEED


STAR SEED is an experimental electronic-pop duo formed in September of 2020 by two producers/creatives with a handful of experience in the music industry. The STAR SEED project is a collection of sounds built to merge the gap between sonic exploration, nature, spirituality, and the unknown. STAR SEED’s debut EP INNERSPACE released on Seven Lions’ record label in June 2021 and the duo has much more to come. 

NIGHTMODE, part of Insomniac Music Group, is founded by Twitch streamer and content creator Tucker (Jericho) Boner & Daniel Goudie (of Disciple Recs & Rare Breed).