STAY GLDN shimmer on breezy, hazy-pop debut ‘Bloom’

Brand new alt-pop duo, STAY GLDN, are poised to release their debut single with the arrival of ‘Bloom’ due this September. Fusing effervescent, unfiltered dream-pop melodies over warm, intimate lyricism, this is the perfect introduction to Anders and Thom’s songwriting, organic instrumentation and production. 

They say: “‘Bloom’ is about the premature ending of a relationship and the intrusive thoughts and doubts that come as a result. Relationships rely on the promise of a future and when things fall apart that future becomes uncertain. This is written about the future of a relationship that never came to be.”

After individually being involved in playlisting and charting tracks on BBC Radio 11Xtra, Kiss FMTriple J and ARIA charts and performing as musicians at Glastonbury FestivalIsle of WightBBC Radio 1 live lounge to name a few, STAY GLDN marks a promising arrival for the Bristol based duo. 

STAY GLDN is both a movement and a philosophy. Composed of multi-instrumentalist writer/producers Anders and Thom, this indie pop duo employ lush soundscapes, infectious melodies and driving beats to convey a broad spectrum of unique perspectives through their music.

After spending their formative years perfecting their craft as musicians, a chance meeting brought the pair together for a writing session under less than ideal conditions. The young duo quickly discovered that their talents could seamlessly collide to create something extremely special and decided to make a conscious choice to permanently outgrow the toxic people and environments that sought to withhold their potential.

Thus the philosophy of STAY GLDN was born – to create music relentlessly bursting with positivity, to tell a narrative driven by emotional honesty and to give a voice to those once downtrodden.

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