Staysick Breaks Ground on Genre-Bending Bass Single “Dis” on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations imprint

The Calgary-based producer makes his follow-up appearance on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s label with new single.

Staysick is back on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations imprint with the blistering new banger “Dis.” The new single follows up his ‘Visions’ EP, which was released on the label last Fall. 

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Known for pushing boundaries in bass and dubstep, Staysick exceeds all expectations with his latest creation entitled “Dis.” Futuristic and metallic, the introduction mixes pulse-raising whistles and robotic flourishes. Commanding trap-inspired horns set the stage with a menacing edge before delving into a bouncy yet brutish drop. Distortion-laced synth riffs and wall-rattling low-end filth anchor the impact, while swinging drums and gritty hip-hop vocal samples give the track an undeniable sense of swagger. Head-splitting sound design is injected throughout,  providing the track with an inventive aura. Leaving just the right amount of space, “Dis” is a carefully crafted weapon that’s primed to destroy festival stages and clubs alike.  

Shining a light on the creative process behind his new single, Staysick shares: “There’s a bit of a cool backstory to ‘Dis’ because, initially, the track used to be a bass house tune and it sounded completely different. But, for some reason, I decided to move the tempo up to see how it would sound, and immediately saw the vision and knew that was the direction I wanted this to go. Through that, there were many different versions of ‘Dis,’ mainly because I was trying to keep the initial sounds from the first draft in the song, but I ended up not using any of them. It’s kind of funny how you can start a song sounding a certain way, and, by the end, it can sound totally unrecognizable from the first draft!

Experimentation is the crux of true artistic freedom, and Staysick allowed his stream of consciousness enough room to breed his boundary-pushing single “Dis.”  

Staysick’s new single “Dis” is available everywhere via Gud Vibrations.

More About Staysick

Canadian bass producer Staysick has been carving out his own lane in the dubstep scene with a wealth of brain-bashing tracks that defy categorization. His ‘Visions’ EP was released on Good Vibrations last year and drew press support from This Song Is Sick, The Music Essentials, Find Your Sounds, and Orange County EDM. He’s quickly becoming a staple in the scene with tastemakers like Illenium, Zeds Dead, Barely Alive, Kompany, Gammer, LICK, Steve Aoki, and Ray Volpe getting behind his music. 

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