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Stereo’s “Dances With Wolves” reaches Beatport #02 Progressive

“Dances With Wolves” Stereo Productions’ new reference

Chus & Ceballos remix reaches Beatport Top 02 Progressive House and Top #28 overall chart
The Italian artist Cassimm is the creator of this new single, which will be released on 1st of February, that also has a remix by the label’s owners Chus & Ceballos. 

After a stunning 2019 start with ‘Senja in Bali’ by Chus & Ceballos, it’s time for the second Stereo Productions release signed by Cassimm.

The Italian artist has settled in London, where he is a resident of the prestigious club Aquarium and is very well known in the electronic music industry for his exceptional ability to create musical journeys both as DJ and as a producer. “Dances With Wolves” is the best proof of it. This single has an original mix in which Cassimm develops an infectious rhythm with groovy and electronic sequences delivering a hypnotic track. The label honchos completed this single with a frantic, powerful, and progressive remix. There can be no doubt that Chus & Ceballos are on fire.

“Dances With Wolves” is available on Beatport from 1st of February via Stereo Productions.