Steven Weston invites a selection of artists to his Blank Dust imprint for a special remix offering entitled ‘Air Melt’, with interpretations from Reset Robot, Warung, Tagavaka, Mattr and Farsi.

Live artist, producer and GRAMMY-nominated engineer Steven Weston is an individual whose natural musical and studio ability flows through his work in all its forms. Establishing himself as a regular amongst the Anjunadeep family while releasing music via Sasha’s Last Night On Earth and making appearances at renowned venues across the UK capital, such as Printworks, fabric and Pickle Factory, the Blank Dust founder has brought his melodically rich sound to all corners of the globe – and his latest project sees him invite a selection of artists to provide their take on his growing catalogue. Introducing ‘Air Melt’ – a five-track package welcoming a selection of artists to remix his work, with Reset RobotWarungTagavakaMattr, and Farsi all delivering new versions.

Tagavaka’s remix of ‘Paradise Lie’ opens proceedings with the Scottish artist weaving rich, atmospheric tones with fresh top lines for a dreamy, deep dive into delicate and emotive spheres. On the remix he notes, “The original parts were incredible by Steven, so I decided to use a lot of granular synthesis to mess around with the parts and add my own parts over the top to create something special.”

Next, Reset Robot turns his hand to ‘Eternal’, delivering a fascinating synth-led trip and track to the bridge between those hazy late hours and emerging early morning hours. “I heard ‘Eternal’ and wondered if I could turn it into something for the dance floor but still melodic. After a few attempts, I got an idea going with a nice legato bass from the Moog matriarch and some new melodies from the midi files he sent!”.

The third remix on the package is from fellow Anjuna artists Warung, with the duo opting for a classy balance of indie-disco leaning and melodic influences across their remix of ‘Hold Back’ while Natalia Salter’s captivating vocals emerge from the new woven elements to take hold of the production.

Remixing ‘Southsea’, Mattr builds from delicate pockets of space for an engrossing, glitchy take to head in a new direction. “There were so many interesting, textural parts to work with. I started by extracting rhythmic elements from some of the vocals and creating chops using granular synthesis. I wanted the bassline to have an all-encompassing feel, like your drowning in it and to really build on the epic soundscape Steven had already built but take it down a slightly different route.”

To close, ‘Paradise Lie’ is remixed once more as Farsi serves up his interpretation combining airy leads, sweeping textures and epic breaks-influenced drums for an emphatic closer. “From the get-go, I heard ‘Paradise Lie’ and really liked the melodic synths and overall feel, so it was only right. I first went through a completely different version, but remade the track, and it turned into a sort of trancey lofi house tune. I love how the synths from the original weave and almost morph around the break.”

Steven Weston ‘Air Melt’ drops via Blank Dust on 16th June 2023


1. Paradise Lie (Tagavaka Remix)
2. Eternal (Reset Robot Remix)
3. Hold Back feat. Natalia Salter (Warung Remix)
4. Southsea (Mattr Remix)
5. Paradise Lie (Farsi Remix)

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