Streaming Service TIDAL May Have Been Exaggerating Its Subscriber Numbers


The online music streaming fad has grown in the past few years especially with the rise of EDM. Providers give accessible tunes to not just the general public for their listening pleasure but also to musicians and DJs to use for their work that they can access at anytime anywhere in the world. The biggest names in this industry are currently Beatport and Spotify who either got in early enough to establish themselves as the foundation or found something right to do to make them more successful than the rest.

Then there’s TIDAL, a company started in 2014 to essentially do the same thing as Beatport and Spotify but brand it a little differently with the slogan “High fidelity music”. The company was bought at one point by rapper Jay-Z and we have learned that their claims on the amounts of subscribers may not be all its said to be. Supposedly in September 2015 there were claims of 1 million subscribers when it was really around 350,000. In March 2016 there were claims of 3 million subscribers when it was really around  850,000.

So which is true? We may never know. What we do know is that TIDAL is no stranger to inflated numbers as Jay Z himself sued the former owners in March of last year for, you guessed it…. “exaggerating how many subscribers the service had when [Jay-Z] bought the company.”