Subduxtion – Shelter

Featuring as a producer originally hailing from LA, subduxtion began placing his  career back in 2007 with an original sound he labels as ‘Dark-Step’. Ever since,  subduxtion has been making a name for himself as one of the best up and coming  electronic music artists in the industry. With a discography of impressive releases  topping off his image, subduxtion has been turning heads in the industry with  several singles, EP’s and remixes, including releasing with some renowned labels  like Milligrid Records (US), Zero Signal Records (JP), High Pressure Systems (UK)  and I&W Music (US). His talent has taken him well beyond regional borders, as he  earns a gradually expanding global following of listeners that eagerly anticipate his  next move. 

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With his latest release ‘Shelter’ on the way, you can expect to be treated to a  futuristic culmination of synths and drum machines that work perfectly together to  craft a dark and minimal sound. In true subduxtion style, this release provides you  with a seriously inimitable groove that branches out into a new direction of the  future, with a sound especially crafted for lovers of that minimalist Techno vibe. Upon pressing play, you can be treated to a propulsive four to the floor kick drum  with heavy doses of densely layered percussion and atmospheric synths that  decorate the outer edges of the production, making it an unmissable anthem that  would go down a treat on any dancefloor. Featuring as the second release is  ‘Need’, which demonstrates subduxtion’s ability to branch out and play with a  different variety of sounds to produce unadulterated elements of percussion and  glitched- out electronics that merge simultaneously with a proto-typical house  groove that’ll have you wanting to press replay as soon as it’s over. 

Based in Philadelphia, USA, Miligrid Records has been paving the way for the  electronic music ecosphere, with the idea of embracing technology as a tool for the  manipulation of perspective for over a decade now. Subduxtion proves to be in  good hands with this imprint, and with a bright future in the midst for both parties,  he fits right at home amongst the impressive roster of artists that the label has to  offer. Join the hype and check out subduxtion’s latest release here! 

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