sumthin sumthin lands on FMU Records with boundary-pushing single, “Take Me Home”

Alison Wonderland’s newly-minted imprint FMU Records continues the rapid expansion of its catalog with “Take Me Home,” the latest single from one of California’s most exciting players in bass: sumthin sumthin. “Take Me Home” marks the 3rd offering from the bubbling label since launching in December 2022, arriving on the heels of stunning tracks from Jon Casey x Dabow and Whyte Fang. Showcasing sumthin sumthin’s innate ability to blend bass, trap, and drum’n’bass elements into a certified anthem, “Take Me Home” is available to stream now via FMU Records. 


Take Me Home” marks sumthin sumthin’s first release of the year, building upon his contributions to the ranks of globally beloved labels such as Bassrush, DeadbeatsJadu Dala, and Quality Goods Records. A brilliant follow-up to Run The Track, his 2-track EP released late last year, “Take Me Home” sees sumthin sumthin experiment with airy electronic elements, pushing forward his innate mastery of juxtaposing light and dark styles to deliver a sonic treat primed for sweaty warehouse spaces.

‘Home’ can mean something different to each person you ask. For me, home is where I’m surrounded by the people I love most, by that standard home can be just about anywhere. However home can also be a dark place for some people, riddled with past trauma and negativity. This song is my attempt to explore the comfort, and/or discomfort attached to what we feel is our home, once again diving into the duality of our lives.

– sumthin sumthin

sumthin sumthin will join Whyte Fang, Jon Casey, Dabow, Villa, and Aliiias at the FMU Records launch party taking place on March 10 2023. The California native will bring his signature sound to the walls of a Brooklyn warehouse, where fans will be treated to an all-night-long celebration of one of the soon-to-be-reigning labels in dance music. With presale and VIP tickets already sold out, a limited number of GA are available for purchase at

ABOUT SUMTHIN SUMTHIN – Coming from the small surf town of San Clemente, California, Conrad Woodul, better known as sumthin sumthin, has become one of the most highly admired artists in electronic music in just a few years. His passion for music was born at age four; creating drum sets in his kitchen with pots and pans and kitchen utensils. A few years later, he picked up the electric guitar followed by the piano, teaching himself how to write and compose music before taking lessons. After playing in bands for some time, he decided he wanted to have full control over the music he was creating and found his way into producing electronic music. sumthin sumthin has been able to develop a sound that is truly his own; brimming with originality and constantly pushing boundaries within electronic music. 

Beloved by both the underground and mainstream, his ability to bridge together lightness and darkness is evident throughout his discography and cements sumthin sumthin as a one-of-a-kind artist. Expect to see more boundary-pushing releases throughout 2023 and beyond as the best is still yet to come.