Sven Fields and Chasner, remixing AFROJACK’s classic Polkadots

An AFROJACK classic from way back gets a revamp by two of his  prodigies. Sven Fields and Chasner thought it was long overdue for  a ‘polkadots’ make-over. The track originally released on Spinnin’ in  2010. 13 years later a remix by two of the fastest up and coming  artists is here. 

The remix has a driving new bassline while keeping the vibe of the  original track extremely well. Giving you that nostalgia and fresh  feeling at the same time! 

Sven Fields has been paving a way for himself since he was a teen.  Producing house music whenever he could. Comparing his tracks  on every tiny detail with others in the scene. This method paid off,  since he was singed at WALL in 2023 and released a collaboration  with AFROJACK’s tech house alias ‘Kapuchon’. He developed  himself into a more inventive producer and because of that already  received the support of some of the greats, like: Oliver Heldens,  Timmy Trumpet and Martin Garrix. With his new signage, Sven  Fields is looking towards the future and does so in style with this  Polkadots Remix. 

Chasner already had a great 2022 and has a flying start in 2023.  With already 2 releases in his pocket this year he is not sitting still.  Born and raised in the Netherlands, Jordy ‘Chasner’ Gobbels got  into music at the age of 4 while playing the piano. His love for music  took off right there. In 2016 he made a bootleg of AFROJACK’S hit  track ‘Rock The House’ which caught the eyes of various DJ’s such  as Tiesto, Hardwell and AFROJACK himself. Eventually officially  releasing it on WALL Recordings not that much later. 5 years and a  lot of dancefloor smashers later, he is releasing another remix of his  mentor ‘Polkadots’. 

In short, after 13 years, this true Dutch House classic gets the right  remix treatment from Sven Fields & Chasner. The two talented DJs  team up for the first time to bring you their 2023 remix of  AFROJACK’s Polkadots. Just in-time for Ultra and the start of a  new festival season, get ready to dance! 

Check it out right now!

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