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Symbiosis Pulls Off Best Feat with Oregon Eclipse

With its off-the-radar setting and the international conjunction of the planet’s thirteen best transformation festivals Oregon Eclipse is perhaps one of the greatest festivals of this decade. Now known as Global Eclipse Gathering (GEG), it was formed with the coming together of visionary producers and organizers. They wanted to manifest the amalgamation of all walks of music lovers to witness the surreal natural phenomenon.

Unlike Burning ManOregon Eclipse was set in Big Summit Prairie. This area has beautiful terrain with a layered structure including water wells thought of by Symbiosis. The investment was made to set the bar high and give the fans something they could never forget. The prairie is a 55,000 acre area with a 52 acre shiny lake and sublime terrain to compliment it. The event had enough space for 30,000 attendees and was cut from the outside world because of no cellular reception.

This was not a let down as it made the experience that much better with the public interactions moving in an inadvertent loop. The event was managed in an intricate manner with the performances, workshops and art work placed strategically to make perfect sense.

Organizers opted for an open-air Solar Temple. The temple saw a big gathering of fans within a space sided by towering platforms manifesting the cosmic wonder that is the Eclipse. The stages named The Eclipse, Sun, Earth, Moon, Sky, Big Top, and Silk Road, all had music from different genres like Psy, DnB, Classic Trance, Earth Trap playing throughout. In a nutshell the diversity of the festival was unparalleled.

There’s good news if you missed out this time. Patagonia Eclipse 2020 is already in the pipeline as GEC plans its next gathering. We hope to see you there. Check out the marvellous pics here.

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