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Synth-pop newcomer DAYTE unveils debut track ‘Just You’

Synth-pop newcomer DAYTE ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Unveils debut track ‘Just You’ on 31st May 2019

Rising synth-pop artist DAYTE is poised to release her debut single with the arrival of ‘Just You’ this summer. A haunting, seductive antithesis to love songs, it highlights the ‘supernatural blues’ that can sometimes accompany complicated matters of the heart. Co-written with Grammy award winning pop maverick Rob Davis (Can’t Get You Out of My Head), it is an ethereal-obsidian-left-field-pop-hymn.

DAYTE details the track: “I wrote this song about the crucial make it or break it stage in a very fragile and dark relationship. The best way to describe it is using the French expression ‘folie à deux’ in which both parties are on the verge of negating each other. Is there any use in salvaging it?”
DAYTE the music artist is really a canvas. Her lyrics are the mercurial-quicksilver personas she scripts; and her music, climatic landscapes that move freely with the flow like Van Gogh clouds. Galvanised by a childhood fanaticism of films and their soundtracks and a quiet love for poetry, she decided to merge her private poems with melody. She’s inspired by an abundant kaleidoscopic source of talents ranging from mystics like Rumi, Walt Whitman and Herman Hesse to pop culture powerhouses of reinvention, Bowie and Ray of Light era Madonna including Lykke Li, Royksopp, Tove Lo and Mø. Her sonic threads are best described as characters that veer to, from and in between roles like Catherine Deneuve types to The Elephant Man outsiders.
There’s no use sedating people with an exhaustive biography so early on as DAYTE wants to revel in possibilities conjured in imaginations instead of revealing all like the ending of a mandatory book. It’s a new dawn and a new DAYTE with each song.