Synthsonic’ are a new London based multi genre EDM band whom have their debut album ‘ICONIQ’ due for release end of Jan 2023.

Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘Synthsonic’. 

‘Synthsonic’ was the brainchild of London underground veteran producer ‘Carl Nicholson’ who with three decades of experience and over 90 releases on some of the worlds biggest Trance factions, came with an idea to break down the need for specific genre journeys that seem to be the flavour of today’s somewhat stale and overused market.

Gone are the days when a DJ/Producer would throw caution to the wind for the sake of the art itself and create a piece that was totally against but still somehow with the grain. Carl set out to change this, and my word did he do that with sparkly bells on. 

The album itself took over two years to complete and consists of no less than 8 different dance genres over 65 mins. With Carl determined to use only the ‘best of the best’ to realise his vision, it was never going to be an overnight romance. 

It turned out a truly iconic debut album if any one could see one, and was painstakingly, yet lovingly crafted by true masters in their field including Carl (Magik Muzik/Black Hole Recordings), Dave Parkinson (Happy Mondays/Tiesto/Mark Knight), Paul Skelton (Mauro Piccotto/FSOE), Renny Carroll (Never Forever) & Niki Mak (Warner Bros/Ministry Of Sound). 

Plus not only that, he has guest vocals provided by Eileen Jaime (Miami cool chick who has worked with huge artists like Avicii on big labels including Spinnin’) & Sarah Howells (London based soulful artisan who’s worked with Trance titans including John ‘O’ Callaghan & Simon Patterson). 

All this was then topped off with a sprinkle of Ronnie Scott’s regular Leo Richardson on the tenor sax to polish off what can only be described as a truly unforgettable journey & love affair.