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Synthwave Producer Droid Bishop Remixes Gidon Schocken’s ‘Show Me The Way’

Droid Bishop Remixes Gidon Schocken’s 'Show Me The Way' ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

Every now and then, a record comes across our desk that really stands out, this being one of them.

Magnetic Magazine on Gidon Schocken

“There’s something about his music that cuts through, fusing the modern with the classic.”

CLASH Magazine on Gidon Schocken

“Gidon Schocken’s latest track, “Sunn”, is his biggest and most compelling yet.”

Music News on Gidon Schocken

Australian Synthwave producer Droid Bishop has remixed Tel-Aviv based Electronic artist Gidon Schocken’s recent single. ‘Show Me The Way (Droid Bishop Remix) premiered on popular Youtube channel New Retro Wave and is set for release on 22 November via Gidon Schocken Music. Bishop has seen support from Earmilk and Youtube channels New Retro Wave, Neon Nights, LuigiDonatello, and Quantum Dream, with over 3 million views. He has racked up over 2.3 million Soundcloud streams, 5.5 million plays on Spotify and been featured on Spotify’s popular Retrowave/ Outrun Playlist.

RELEASE DATE: 22nd November

LABEL: Gidon Schocken Music

LISTEN: Gidon Schocken – Show Me The Way (Droid Bishop Remix)

‘Show Me The Way’ (Droid Bishop Remix) on SpotifyAppleMusic

The original track is lifted from Gidon Schocken’s Immerse LP released on 25 October. Schocken has received support from the likes of Magnetic Magazine, CLASH Magazine, Music News, Essentially Pop, Chill Sounds Good Music, and others. Featured vocalist Tahel has worked alongside the likes of Ori Rousso and Matan Spenser better known as the duo nABI, who have been featured by Mixmag and Highsnobiety, and wrote and composed Noga Erez’s album Off The Radar.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Droid Bishop has garnered attention for his  unique approach to production. His synth and guitar driven electronic music is inspired by retro sounds and aesthetics, and he boasts a string of successful releases, including his recent album Rebirth of the Machine (2019).

‘Show Me The Way (Droid Bishop Remix)’ pays homage to the original track, but patiently layers in warm and silky elements, expanding the composition with masterful production. The unmistakable 80’s influence gives rise to a sultry synth sound palette, balancing the tactile underlying beat of the original track. Layered with retro tones and new washes of colour ‘Show Me The Way (Droid Bishop Remix)’ is notably packaged in a style that mirrors artists such as Kavinsky, Mitch Murder, and Gunship.

Speaking of the track Droid says: “I’m really happy to be a part of this remix release and can honestly say that this is one of my favorite tracks I’ve put together.”

Schocken goes on to comment: “Droids remake of the track instantly transported me to a neon highway in space, his use of the orchestral elements, sounds and vocals create a lush new dreamy atmosphere. The ability to tell a story through music is magical, and with his rendition I felt like I was taken on a journey through a futuristic tale.”

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