Synymata, Elle Vee, and ANDY KAUTZ Join Forces on Heartfelt Single “Army Of Angels” for Lost In Dreams Records

The two melodic bass producers unite with vocal sensation on their new single for Lost In Dreams.

Synymata, Elle Vee, and ANDY KAUTZ put their heads together on the triple-seeded single, “Army Of Angels,” a heartfelt vocal anthem slated for release on the ever-growing Lost In Dreams imprint.

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At this point, it’s almost criminal to see just how well the sound of Wisconsin-bred melodic bass producer Synymata blends in with the vocal prowess of Las Vegas-based singer-songwriter Elle Vee. These two stunning talents have already shaken up the dance scene with two phenomenal singles in the last couple of years, and they are now adding a new face to the equation for their third outing alongside one another. Multi-instrumentalist and emerging producer ANDY KAUTZ is hopping in on the action, as all three artists enter into one accord to rejoice in a revelation that is out of this world.

“Army Of Angels” is a transcendent letter to those taken far too soon, while imparting a message of hope to the ones they are survived by. Vee paints a divine image of the departed, the ones watching down over their friends and family. With an aching heart, she wails to her guardian angel with wistful lyrics: “I wish that I could talk to you // Tell you everything that I’ve been through.” Graceful piano motifs and orchestral build ups sparkle beneath her captivating call-to-arms, until the clouds open up and reveal the track’s lush guitar riffs, snappy drums, and celestial synth swells. If nothing else, the song should brighten up one’s day with the thought that the ones we’ve lost might be closer than we think. 

Synymata speaks on the intention behind the song: “‘Army Of Angels’ is a tearjerker for anyone that can personally relate to its powerful message.” 

ANDY KAUTZ chimes in on the collaboration, as well: “To release a record on Lost In Dreams has always been a dream of mine. I think that everything Lost In Dreams puts out is right up my alley in terms of production style and genre, and I’m so glad that they decided to pick up ‘Army of Angels’ and believed in the song so much.”

Only a few months ago, Synymata swept in with his Lost In Dreams label debut, a heart-rendering single, “Hate To Be,” featuring Medyk. The Midwest-bred phenom has already carved his name into stone on a few of the other Insomniac Music Group catalogs, including a string of releases on SLANDER’s burgeoning Heaven Sent imprint with singles such as “Hollow Eyes,” “Hard Not To Let You Go” with Zack Gray, and the “When I’m With You” collab with the label-bosses themselves. 

Elle Vee has also become an all-star across Insomniac’s various labels. Her powerful partnership with Synymata first crystallized last year, on their misty-eyed single “Where Does Love Go” on Heaven Sent. They kept the momentum blazing almost one full year later when they linked back up on “Guilty” for NIGHTMODE. Beyond their unstoppable rapport, Elle Vee has managed to capture the hearts of many with a wealth of songs for artists from the likes of MitiS, Prismo, Kompany, Nurko, MARAUDA, and the list seems to grow larger by the day. Revered for her vocal belting, lifting falsettos and angelic qualities, she continues to cement her status as the most requested set of lungs in electronic music. 

A graduate from Berklee College Of Music, ANDY KAUTZ is joining the ranks of Lost In Dreams as its newest debutante. The Las Vegas-based producer is fresh off his first-ever release, recently teaming up with another label regular, Zack Gray, on their jointly released single “Whatever It Takes” three weeks prior. Whether on the stage or in the release radar, there’s no question that the world will be seeing more of ANDY KAUTZ in the near future. 

Synymata, Elle Vee, and ANDY KAUTZ’s new single “Army Of Angels” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams.

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Lost In Dreams is the latest vision to come to life from Insomniac, dedicated to creating a surreal experience across its label, festival, and events series. Powered by Insomniac Music Group and fueled by unfettered imagination, the brand aims to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, while showcasing an array of cutting-edge talent from the genres of future bass, melodic dubstep, and vocal-driven dance music. Since first taking shape at the start of 2021, Lost In Dreams Records has championed a host of boundary-pushing artists including Kaivon, Crystal Skies, Haywyre, Danny Olson, Highlnd and more. During Labor Day weekend, the inaugural Lost In Dreams festival took over the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center for a three-stage soiree filled with sights and sounds sourced straight from your wildest fantasy.

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