T & Sugah continue their run of releases on NCS with a brand new single ‘TumDaDaDum’

Dutch drum & bass connoisseurs T & Sugah continue their run of releases on NCS with a brand new single, playfully titled ‘TumDaDaDum’ and it sees them gearing up for an EP alongside the imprint. First coming onto the scene through their own record label High Tea which doubled up as an events brand they’ve been launching their own shows across Europe. From London to Amsterdam, their nights have become legendary and this has only expanded their reputation and the reach of their music. It’s how they came under the guise of NCS, who have a formidable reputation within their own right, one which has seen the record label garner millions of streams for their roster. A roster T & Sugah now sits within, whether it’s through their collaborations with NCT ‘Stardust’ ft. Miyoki and ‘Find A Way’ ft. Cammie Robinson, or their most recent NCS single ‘Lost in the Middle’

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‘TumDaDaDum’ begins with xylophone scored chants, before it’s then driven by euphoric vocals which takes the record into a more emotive plane. T & Sugah create another summertime anthem through ‘TumDaDaDum’, a selection for festival crowd singalongs and one which reinstates their place within the ecosystem of drum & bass.

With their High Tea Festival slated for August as well as a stage takeover at this year’s Let it Roll FestivalT & Sugah are moving across even bigger platforms as their career progresses. And tracks like ‘TumDaDaDum’ are providing the soundtrack to this unstoppable growth.