Slushii Reveals ‘Luv U Need U’

slushii luv u need u

Slushii – ‘Luv U Need U‘ – In the second single of the upcoming album with Rocket League, Slushii joins the pack with his single ‘Luv U Need U.’ The future bass rooted tune has all the vibrant and playful elements we’ve come to love from Slushii‘s work, while at the sametime certainly fitting seemlessly into the gameplay of Rocket League.

With 16 more tracks to come, ‘Luv U Need U‘ certainly sets the bar high.



Following Marshmello’s collaboration with Ookay, “Chasing Colors,” EDM’s masked man of mystery is back at it again with a brand new collaboration, this time with Slushii. Again, Marshmello finds himself collaborating with fellow clients of EDM manager Moe Shalizi, a perfect way to ensure that both of his artists continue to grow together at record speed.

Marshmello brought out Slushii for their new collaboration at Governors Ball NYC this past Saturday evening. Watch the new tune get played out for the first time below.



Slushii dropped an official remix for Alan Walker’s “Faded” a little over 9 months ago, and he’s just released a new ‘dubfire’ VIP that has us collectively going wild.

The original featured a much more marshmello-esque sound, with those telltale trap vocal chops and very saccharine synth breaks, with a candy-coated rhythm. While the VIP eventually somewhat devolves back into that sound, the first drop in it is absolutely orgasmic. It brings back memories of some of Never Say Die’s heyday, with melodic hits from 501 and Must Die!… god, I miss that.

Slushii has definitely shown once again that despite his cartoonish avatar, he has the production abilities of a mature musician. Check out the VIP below.



There’s a lot that can be said of Slushii & Marshmello’s first collaboration, “Twinbow.” Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first: this is a collaboration that has been a very long time coming, and fans are ecstatic that they finally have a project between two of the most saccharine producers in EDM. The title “Twinbow” is a hilarious portmanteau that effortlessly describes the sound you’ll be hearing in the track. It’s also pretty short, coming in at under 3 minutes.

Unfortunately, and I hate to say it after having said nearly the same thing so many times before, the collaboration just doesn’t quite cut it for me. And I want to preface before we go on:

Music is subjective and the opinions in this article aren’t necessarily shared by our entire staff, nor are they reflective of either artists’ fan base as a whole, or any other representative population.

The first odd artifact that seems out of place is the first synth stab just 14 seconds in, clashing synths and percussion give off an unpleasant effect, enough to wonder why it was left in but not enough by itself to ruin the track by any means. And from there until the drop, I’m actually pretty pleased with the whole thing. But the drop itself seems to me to be far too chaotic and messy in its arrangement. Mastering wise, it sounds fine; unfortunately, there seem to be too many synths layered on top of one another and the mixing suffers as a consequence.

It’s clear that the idea behind the track had great potential, but I personally feel that the execution leaves something to be desired.

However, it really doesn’t matter what I think. Every listener will have their own opinion and they’re completely entitled to it, just as I am to mine. Listen to “Twinbow” below:


Slushii’s ‘Dear Me’

Ryan Hadji

Hey beau, you’re too hard on yourself. The world expects so much from us all, but it’s okay to stumble once in a while. Whatever you’re doing is good enough, and if someone can’t see just how wonderful you are, you don’t need ’em.

Such is the message of Slushii’s latest “Dear Me,” a fizzy mix of future bass accents and dubstep wobbles that wraps itself around you a one-person hug. Listen to it on those days when you need a little break. You’ve got all the strength you need to keep going, and this song will remind you about that.



Three seconds in, you already know this track is gold. Slushii has remixed the Dance Dance Revolution staple, “Look At Us” by Sarina Paris, into a single, glorious blast of nostalgia.

The era’s vocals are unmistakable, as are the rhythm and sound design, which Slushii has marvelously embellished with modern production while staying true to the heart of the track. The additions are cohesive, and segments of the unadulterated original mix top this piece off as a staple for any child growing up during the height of Dance Dance Revolution’s ubiquity.

H/T: EDMsauce | Photo: Loren Wohl Photography

New Year’s Eve Event Resolution 2016!

New Year’s Eve Event Resolution 2016!

usc events resolution 2016

USC Events – Resolution 2016 – United State of Consciousness Events (USC) announced the lineup of its 6th annual enchanted New Year’s Eve event, Resolution 2016 at WAMU Theater in Seattle.

This year’s celebration will feature several world-class artists who will make up the soundtrack of the magical event. Artists include Adventure Club, Above & Beyond, Tritonal, Yellow Claw, Slushii, Botnek, Delta Heavy, Brillz, Party Favor, Eptic, Sound Remedy, Trampa, Cesqeaux and North West favorite, Drexler.

Resolution is the Northwest’s destination for a timeless New Year’s Eve party where attendees celebrate in style. Join USC to begin 2016 with a resolute celebration! USC looks forward to a night committed to renewal, reminiscence and Resolution.

USC’s Conscious Crew will be on hand at Resolution. The Conscious Crew is a group of volunteers who want to make sure attendees have a safe show and a great experience. Its mission is to powerfully inspire an enduring culture of safety and wellness in the dance music community.

Established in 1996, United State of Consciousness Events (USC) was born of a vision for an electronic dance music experience that went beyond your typical concert. Just over 19 years later, USC is recognized for both its popular club events and nationally acclaimed annual festivals. Fusing first-rate production, world class talent and state-of-the-art technologies, USC creates a one-of-a-kind EDM experience that overwhelms the senses.


Skrillex go B2B with Marshmello and Slushii

Skrillex go B2B with Marshmello and Slushii

As China’s blossoming electronic music scene continues to flourish each year, so too does its roster of star-studded talent. Skrillex, for example, recently made his coveted Boiler Room debut in conjunction with IMS Asia-Pacific and OWSLA as part of the former’s Shanghai leg of the conference.

Now, footage of the OWSLA label head spinning B2B with Marshmello and Slushii has been unearthed. Just days after his first Boiler Room appearance, Moore transported the festivities to Shanghai’s Myst. Watch as the trio make history at one of China’s most revered nightclubs as they deliver a jam-packed set brimming with classic trap cuts.