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Tame Impala-esque Sounds Meet Tarantino-Influenced Visuals: Unveils His Debut Single, ‘Play it Cool’

Retro but contemporary, low-fi and loud, ‘Play it Cool’ is a psychedelic earworm, gracefully bridging the gap between the past and the present. The single effortlessly evokes a warm nostalgia for the nineties with one ear turned toward the sound of early Tame Impala.

Built around an insistent and compelling bass groove, driven by blistering drums, and layers of guitar searing and swooping throughout, ‘Play it Cool’ commands your attention. It is urgent and vital.

Beyond this captivating soundscape, the heart of ‘Play it Cool’ lies in its profound message—a poignant, pin-sharp response to a cultureless culture. In an age which leaves us browbeaten into submission with infinite video scrolls by faceless and phoney curators – providing no end of distraction – the song serves as a necessary reminder. Tune out the noise, embrace humility, and learn to navigate life with cool composure. We are, all of us, here just once and the message is clear. No need to fake it.

A rich provenance abounds here. Produced and powered by the father-son duo of Tom Powell and Steve Powell (The Strands, John Power, The Stairs), ‘Play it Cool’ benefits from the creative skills of mixing engineer Roy Merchant (Omar, M.I.A, Basement Jaxx) and the mastering expertise of Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Kasabian, The Red Hot Chili Peppers). The single features Tom Powell (Michael Head and the Red Elastic Band) on vocals, guitar, and bass, while Jake Woodward (Nova Twins, Peter Perrett) performs drum duties.

Adding to the song’s dreamy allure, the music video accompanying the single is a captivating parody-homage to the iconic Tarantino/Tony Scott film, True Romance. We’re on a thrilling escape to Mexico with ‘Alaska Hitman’ and ‘Terence Swirly’ after a daring heist from the Hollywood wardrobe department. When their Cadillac breaks down, the lovers find solace in a garage, turning the setback into a fleeting moment of seductive, sweet connection amidst the mechanical turmoil. You love it.

‘Play it Cool’ is released on 1st September 2023. The single is a glimpse into’s upcoming debut album, ‘Eternity,’ which promises to be a psychedelic expedition.

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Considered questioning is the life-cycle of Tom Powell’s songwriting. Personal lines of enquiry and wide open discussions – they pinpoint the truths of his debut album ‘Eternity’. But across its 10 tracks, you get the distinct feeling it’s not definitive answers he’s after; it’s understanding ears and a simpatico mindset. Tom is an artist in search of something, something like resolution, something that can only be truly accomplished with the listener’s own lived experience.

Sonically speaking, ‘Eternity’ is a collection of powerful songs that draw upon the very best kind of Anglo-American exchange: Scouse and Californian psychedelic accomplices, their wayward journey guided by resonance from Liverpool to the West Coast, somewhere between the sixties and the nineties.

Tom’s musical output is much less of a question and more of an inevitability, his artistic path was destined from the start. The son of a cult record producer. Writing songs since the age of three. The bass player for Michael Head and the Red Elastic Band. He enlisted a collective of proficient studio accomplices to help make a debut record that will stand as testament to his evolution as an artist.

Tom Powell’s artist nomme de guerre is and this is a definitive debut, one that’s sure to stick around long after those questions have abated.