Teho & Aalson – Beyond

This is the second single of Teho‘s upcoming album, and for this occasion, he joined forces with the highly talented artist Aalson. In this bundle, there are two different tracks but both linked by a same atmosphere and type of sounds. In the first track called BeyondTeho and Aalson had this vision to go further in their process of production, tried new things, and just do something different than usual. They chose to make a breakbeat and electronica track with catchy vocal chops completed by a powerful main lead while the chords are evolving all along the track. The B-Side track called Nebula is more dancefloor oriented and darker than “Beyond“. Leaded by a strong melody, and surrounded by stretched sounds, Teho and Aalson show their capacity to be versatile in the way they produce music. Completing each other, these two tracks are like two different sides of the same coin.

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