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The “Bavarian-Brazilian” Techno-Artist Alex Stein Joins Miracle MGMT

alex stein miracle mgmt

Alex Stein has been announced to be joining Miracle MGMT‘s family (for Management and Bookings Worldwide).

The “Bavarian-Brazilian” has made his own way thanks to his talent and sacrifice becoming now in one of the most well-known and revered artists of the new Brazilian techno / tech-house scene, now worldwide. Alex has numerous releases on labels such as Senso Sounds, Sian’s Hydrozoa and Suara, just to name a few from his extended catalogue. Currently seating at the Top 100 most selling Techno Artists on Beatport it’s ensured that his new music projects in 2018 are far from disappointing.

At the same time, he has accumulated an incredible legion of followers, not only in his home nation Brazil, but throughout the world thanks to performances in Canada, South Africa, Australia, and of course the main European capitals. As always, Alex spends some time throughout the year in Berlin, a perfect place to continue evolving on his greatest passion, Techno.