The Crowleys Return “Somnia”

Throughout their years together The Crowleys have focused on building a danceable set through a venn diagram of inspiration from 60s rock, 80s pop and modern psychedelia. Peppered throughout their music is a driving and crunchy rhythm, distinctive synth warble, diverse vocals, and mind-melty guitar tones. Each member of the band brings their own musical interests and expertise to the table in a collaborative songwriting process. 

“Somnia” marks the first single to be released in preparation for The Crowleys debut full length album. Drawing inspiration from the atmosphere of 80’s movie soundtracks – a la Carpenter, Vangelis, Moroder – the song pushes the band’s typical shimmering psychedelic pop to heavier, darker places. Airy vocals soften the hazy, dystopian vibe, carrying the instrumentation to a final, epic resolution. It’d be great if you could feature them at Aupium.