The Duchess joins FMU Records’ vibrant catalogue with heady single, “Fkdmeupinside”

Chicago-bred producer The Duchess joins the likes of Fredrick,  Dani KingSIPPY, and Aliiias on FMU Records’s continuously growing and meticulously curated roster. “Fkdmeupinside” serves as The Duchess’s first release since releasing the sped up version of her 2018 collaboration with Convex and Elle Vee, “Out Of My Mind,” in early 2023 via Lowly. The track sees her debut her native vocals on her one of her own productions, and chronicles an intimate anecdote of a past relationship. With “Fkdmeupinside”, The Duchess and FMU Records, influence producers and music enthusiasts alike to transcend conventional boundaries and reshape the confinements of their creative endeavours. 


Fiercely inspired by the creativity and fearlessness of FMU Records label boss Alex Sholler, “Fkdmeupinside” gracefully unfurls, adorned with an alluring melody and an ethereal topline from The Duchess herself. Subtle reverberations of bass gradually get introduced into the melody, priming the listener for an explosion of euphoria in the initial drop. Enveloped in the seamless harmonies, the vocal cut continues to enchant listeners leading into a second drop embellished with pulsating dance-infused grooves and enthralling sonic landscapes. The Duchess triumphantly captures her audience’s attention, forging a deep emotional bond that invokes a comforting sense of familiarity through her poignant lyrics and experimental sound design.

“Fkdmeupinside’ holds a profound place in my heart as it signifies a significant milestone in my musical journey. This record represents not only my growth as a music producer but also marks the first time I’ve shared my own vocals with the world. The track encapsulates the journey of reclaiming one’s strength after enduring hardship. It serves as a reminder that we possess the ability to rise above our circumstances, find solace in self-expression, and emerge stronger than ever before.” – The Duchess

In “Fkdmeupinside,” up-and-coming talent The Duchess made a point to layer her vocal gift alongside her innate production technique with this track, earning herself a position as one to watch in the dance music realm and beyond. Having previously released records on revered imprints and labels, such as Lowly and Monstercat, and now, FMU Records, the rising young star prepares to pave the way for her impending reign.

ABOUT THE DUCHESS — Born and raised in Chicago The Duchess ventures and now resides in LA to pursue her passion for producing music. Having attended Icon Collective music production school, she has been developing her own sound with the support of her raw passion and role model Alison Wonderland. Combining hip hop and EDM influences her tracks receive outstanding recognition with over 200,000 month Spotify listeners and with several tracks  with millions of streams! This is just a steppingstone for what’s to come from this artist, with now having her newest track released on FMU Records. She is the perfect example of applying personalistic touches to your craft and an individualized element which is being recognized by her fans and followers. Her inspiration comes from the heart and into the hearts of her audience.