The Elements Were Not Kind To This Year’s Music Festivals

The Elements Were Not Kind To This Year’s Music Festivals

2015 will undoubtedly go down in music festival history as one of the most detrimental and mishap-ridden years to date. From pouring rain to tornados to pools of mud, attendees of some of the biggest weekend events were faced with Mother Nature’s full force – unless they were one of the unlucky groups forced to vacate the grounds.

Yesterday, EDM Tunes curated a list of the season’s worst festival occurrences, from Ultra to Voodoo and everything in between. Even though some of the emotional scars haven’t quite healed, we’re optimistic that 2016 will do us right.

#1: Ultra Music Festival

Even though Miami’s late-March festival wasn’t closed down in its entirety, the buckets of rain during the first night were cause for several set cancellations and a soaked crowd. Combined with the event’s technical problems, it served as direct foreshadowing for the troubles ahead.


#2: Sunset Music Festival

Nearly two months later, in Tampa Bay, Sunset Music Festival got its own share of downpours, causing an hour and a half delay of the festival. Luckily for those in attendance, however, the show went on.


#3: Firefly Music Festival

From June 18th to the 21st in Dover, Delaware, the shit really began to hit the fan. Attendees on Saturday were issued tornado warnings, some being evacuated from the site. Festival goers were even told to seek shelter in their cars, leading to the inevitable cancellation of some of the weekend’s most highly anticipated acts.

#4: Digital Dreams

In the first of Toronto’s weather-related incidents, Digital Dreams had its first day cancelled on June 27th due to incessant rain and wind. By the second day, the continued condition forced the festival to delay the music, altering several set times.


#5: Veld Music Festival

About a month later, Toronto was struck by misfortune once again when Veld had to cancel its second today amidst reports of extreme wind and humidity. Fans were greatly disappointed and angered to miss out on the day’s list of acts.


#6: TomorrowWorld

We all remember this one. The EDM world spiraled into chaos in late September when attendees of Atlanta’s festival were forced to wade through mud and miles of road during rain and thunderstorms to reach their homes after the second night. The morning after, they were notified that only those camping would be allowed back into the festival that day. Needless to say, the public response after Tomorrowworld was one for the books, and a weekend we won’t soon forget as 2016 approaches.


#7: Something Wicked

The recent Hurricane Patricia took a toll on Houston’s Something Wicked festival a couple weeks ago, when reports of severe rain, wind and flooding began to come in from the southern portion of the state. The entire weekend was cancelled, and fans were given word that refunds would be in order. In this case, gambling against a hurricane was most likely not the right call.

#8: Voodoo Music & Arts Experience

Halloween weekend, New Orleans became the most recent addition to the list. Not only did heavy rain make the first two days unplesant, but the third was cancelled entirely, preventing performances from Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz. In what was certainly a devastating announcement to prospective attendees, the festival has assured refunds of the final day are soon approaching.


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