The esteemed Lydia Persaud serenades on touching single “Words For Her” off out now LP Moody31

Lydia Persaud brings a full spectrum of emotion to her brand new album, Moody31. Shimmery runs fall alongside precise enunciations that slightly quiver on pitch. Described by producer Scott McCannell as “Roberta Flack sitting in with Bill Withers’ band at a folk festival,” Moody31 recombines jazz, R&B, and folk stylings to create soul music in its most literal sense. The effect is deep vulnerability crossed with absolute self-possession. It’s these antithetical desires that cut to the core of Moody31: to love and be loved without losing oneself in the process. 

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Fraught with the anticipation of saying ‘I love you’ for the first time in a blossoming romance, “Words For Her,” the latest single to be shared from the LP, captures the vulnerability of falling in love. In retelling some intimate moments, Persaud inspires a similar feeling in her listeners. Everyone has personal moments that mark their love story. These cherished memories belong to them, regardless of how small or insignificant they are.