Thomas Sykes ‘Tainted’ NITRON MUSIC

Tainted by Thomas Sykes is a pop-dance hit with an addictive melody, catchy lyrics and tremendous earworm potential. The track is about a person reflecting on the relationship between two people that are on the verge of falling apart. What happens if they break up? How would they deal with the loss of their most important person? How do they even move on without each other? Or will they decide to stay and fight for their love – true to the motto “together, we can make it”? Thomas Sykes’ emotional vocals combined with a cutting-edge emotive production turn this track into something which should be heard by anyone who’s ever loved before.

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Berlin based and raised in Athens (Greece) Irish/British singer-songwriter Thomas Sykes seems to transcend genres with his own seductive blend of Upbeat Pop, Dance and R&B. After much success as the singer and co-writer on the 14 million streamed single of Danish producers Million Dollar Weekends – Addicted to Your Love – plus frequent TV and Festival appearances in Europe, he has been releasing solo tunes for his growing fan base. On Spotify, around 650k monthly listeners support Sykes to date.

Tainted by Thomas Sykes will be released on 27.01.2023 by NITRON music – the dance label of Sony Music Germany!

Thomas Sykes