Tom Finster Announces Debut Album on DIVIDID

German drum & bass producer Tom Finster has been a name that’s garnered more and more attention over subsequent years. Gracing the catalogues of international record labels such as Neosignal and VALE, as well as providing an esteemed rework for Camo & Krooked on Hospital Records alongside his self release projects, he now returns to DIVIDID where he’ll be revealing a debut album. His ‘Year of I’ LP is his most ambitious project to date. Taking you on a journey through his take on the electronic soundscape, you’re offered thirteen brand new selections, all standalone tracks which show his command over the intricacies of producing dance music. 

Already renowned for his versatility, through his bass music duo alias DONKONG alongside his drum & bass releases, ‘Year of I’ is an introspective look at what Tom Finster has achieved so far as an artist. ‘Year of I’ showcases his technicality and beginning with the sounds of ‘Second Time Around’, led by the emotiveness of his own vocals which feature throughout the album’s contents, it sets the LP’s tone. ‘Will To The Power’ follows with its stark lyricism, whilst ‘Sinner’ continues the vocal-led start to the album’s track list. ‘Cost of Living’ is more reminiscent of Tom Finster’s drum & bass flavors as ‘Nothing’ focuses on its rolling instrumentals; ‘Unbreakable’ strips back the tempo whilst the sweeping layers of ‘Bleep’ and heartfelt strings of ‘Little Circles’ remains at the scope of Tom Finster’s creativity. The skits of ‘Stuck on Repeat’ adds yet another stroke of diversity to the album as the shuffling percussion of ‘Understand It All’ and dainty notes of ‘Last Year I Died’ draws the collection to a close. 

Finally, ‘Night on Earth’ is the last part of Tom Finster’s biggest release yet. Exemplifying the width of his production and how he’s created a place for himself inside of the genre, ‘Year Of I’ is demonstrative as to why he’s such a sought after name. With his music becoming the staple part of DJ sets worldwide, ‘Year Of I’ also proves his viability within any setting; it’s a work which requires your full attention and from beginning to end, it provides an uncompromising look into his art. 

Grab The Latest Single Night On Earth Here

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