Tommy La Croix † Reveals Titular Single From Upcoming Debut Album, “Requiem D’amour”


Continuing his debut album rollout, Canadian DJ and producer Tommy La Croix † is back with the final lead single, ‘Requiem D’amour.’ The latest release is the third single from La Croix’s forthcoming LP by the same name, Requiem D’amour, out September 17th via Aquarius Records. The new track takes fans into the world of La Croix’s lush style, setting the stage for his forthcoming album. ‘Requiem D’amour’ is available now across all streaming platforms.


Requiem D’amour’ transports listeners through sounds of a beach, immediately paired with sultry guitar instrumentation. Showcasing Tommy La Croix †’s mastery and individuality, the enrapturing cut is laden with raw talent and an effortless sonic environment. The exotic production style of ‘Requiem D’amour’ is the epitome of what Tommy La Croix † is all about. The diaphanous and propelling track is an immersion into a magical atmosphere, flowing with a delicate rhythm. ‘Requiem D’amour’ serves as the final look into what the Canadian talent will bring forth in his upcoming LP.

Thomas H. spent many years establishing himself as a must-see DJ in Montreal and internationally. As a DJ, his masterful skill led him to play at esteemed venues such as Soubois, Flyjin, King Crab, Burning Man, and more. Most recently, he has spent time in Los Angeles, sharing his masterful DJ skillset with celebrities like Kevin Hart, Scott Storch, and more. Using his prowess, he’s now emerged with his new persona Tommy La Croix †, fueled by the eclectic sounds that influence his performances. The new alias reflects a more exploratory side, pushing the envelope and expressing what Tommy is most passionate about.

Serving as the last single release off Tommy La Croix †’s upcoming album, Requiem D’amour establishes the vision behind the debut LP. Coming out September 17th, La Croix’s album, Requiem D’amour, will push the envelope of what he can do with his explorative, rhythmic musical style through a collection of deep house music. Requiem D’amour will set Tommy La Croix † as an artist to watch.