Today, Toronto’s dynamic and multi-talented singer-songwriter OXYBUZ debuts his new single “Flawed.” Penned about the disintegration of a relationship and highlighting the different ways we are being disconnected from one another, “Flawed” is tongue-in-cheek ode that perfectly exemplifies what the underground rising singer-songwriter is becoming known for: an artist who blends genres seamlessly and blurs the lines between alternative and R&B. 



When asked about the inspiration behind “Flawed” OXYBUZ states, “Flawed is about the degradation of relationships between people. Whether it’s a relationship or a friendship, flawed is about how selfishness prevails in people and with how the world is moving now, I feel like connections from person to person are breaking apart more than ever. I took the perspective of both sides, showing how most of us are hypocrites when it comes to judging how others treat us, because in the end we all have our own best interests at heart.” 

“Flawed” is just one of many eclectic and thought-provoking tracks on OXYBUZ’s new EP, “Gaia,”  an artist project where OXYBUZ found inspiration by looking at the end of time — whether it be through climate change, personal relationships, or other instances where things are falling apart. Utilizing his signature anthemic vocals and euphoric sonic, dipping in-between melancholy expressions and cinematic visuals through his artwork, OXYBUZ is not just an artist that can merely be listened to — he must be experienced. 


Toronto’s OXYBUZ has established himself in the underground scene through giving his listeners more than just music. His sound allows his listeners to enter a new immersive reality, making it more of an experience rather than a simple listen. In the release of “VII”, he demonstrated how people are attracted to sin, giving each deadly sin it’s unique sound. He showcases his sound by maintaining dark tones of atmospheric melodies through eerie, cinematic instrumentals and sinister harmonies. 

In just over a year, OXYBUZ has continued perfecting his craft by experimenting with unconventional sounds while keeping the same familiarity that engages his listeners. As a big fan of cinema and dark artistry, the story of OXYBUZ will continue in a new sonic universe – with the ultimate goal of creating a futuristic approach to blending genres. Now supported by a full team, OXYBUZ and 3XT Records will push to release music in more than one form, ensuring that all aspects of art and creativity are expressed through his upcoming projects. His music is constantly evolving, therefore his listeners should expect an unmarked territory of sound, while he remains true to his roots of melancholic despair.

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