BIPHONY return with breezy alt-pop gem ‘Palo Santo’

London / Portsmouth alt-pop duo BIPHONY are poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Palo Santo’ out this summer through Square Lemon Records. Conjuring silky melodies, with elements of soul and future pop add dynamism to their sonic palette. 

They say: “Palo Santo is the legendary South American ‘holy wood’ traditionally burned for energy cleansing properties and our song was written with this in mind, Brandon (producer) called me and showed me a melody he’d been playing with all afternoon. I’d been having nightmares around the time about my past and couldn’t figure out why. When I heard Brandon play the melody I instantly sang the hook, out of nowhere. I guess Palo Santo was written about the need for healing energy to get rid of old demons.”

BIPHONY is made up of queer singer/songwriter Samuel Pack and straight producer/DJ Brandon Lake, and their unique sound attributes Samuel’s vocals to his catchy, melodic, ear worm songwriting and blends it perfectly with Brandon’s infectious synth bass lines, signature kick and individual production style. Together the pair create a euphonic sound that reaches the realms of many different sub-genres, mainly however, dominating the pop/dance category.

Self-described, BIPHONY boasts that they are ‘a union of two worlds, thought to be different, but in reality, very much the same’. Adding ‘We make dance music that gets stuck in your head’.

Their debut single ‘Look at Me Now’ was highly anticipated and gained the support of multiple radio stations, peaking at #23 in the iTunes Main Chart and #9 in the iTunes Dance Chart, as well as being playlisted on radio stations across the UK and the USA. With their new single ‘Palo Santo’ set for release on new label SquareLemon Records, via NewState Music, the pair are set to shake things up on the UK dance scene.