Transient Delivers Infectious Nu-Disco Two-Tracker ‘Spotlight ft. Kid Moxie / Dance Until the Morning’ on NIGHTMODE

Transient returns to NIGHTMODE with their sophomore release ‘Spotlight (ft. Kid Moxie) / Dance Until The Morning.’ The supergroup—composed of heavyweights Dennis White (Latroit), Graham Goodwin (Octopus Records), and Arash Homampour (The Archer)—debuted on the label last year with the project’s inaugural and highly infectious single “Higher Than The Sky.” The new two-track pack picks up where they left off, delivering an addictive retro-leaning soundscape, arriving as the latest offering from the 11th season of releases on NIGHTMODE

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Spotlight” sets the tone with a nostalgic and upbeat nu-disco sound featuring the unmistakable vocals of LA based Synth-pop chanteuse Kid Moxie. Fresh off of her recent release with Depeche Mode, Kid Moxie’s warm and radiant vocal croons drift over the sauntering backing with a charismatic and alluring presence. Funky bass licks, sashaying drum arrangements, pitch-bending phaser synth melodies, lofty chord slides, and sleazy Italo fills are fused together to create an ‘80s-inspired groove. Leaving just enough space between the choruses allows the track room to evolve before bringing it back in for maximum impact. “Spotlight” embodies classic disco energy while embracing a modernized twist. 

Holding down the B-side comes “Dance Until The Morning,” an electronic ballad with a darker edge. Chunky drums drive the track forward while powerful synths create an ominous yet mesmerizing feel. The pop-leaning lyrics offer a more upbeat position, inviting listeners to dance the night away.  The back half sees Transient stripping the production back to grant the vocals breathing room, creating an anthemic sing-along section. It allows for the finale to hit with critical resonance as the looming synths drift back in with authority. “Dance Until The Morning” is a dynamic force that’s sure to impress anyone craving a hit of nostalgia. 

Transient’s ‘Spotlight / Dance Until The Morning’ is a retro-fueled double dose of nu-disco that proceeds to cement their sound in the scene.

“We’d been playing around with this sort of new wave/disco idea right around the time we met Kid Moxie. As a composer and artist, she leans heavily into analog synthesis. I’d just gotten a new Sequential Prophet (synthesizer), so we invited her to the studio to check it out and play some music for her. She started singing over ‘Spotlight’ as I was playing it in real time; it was such a vibe. I asked her to go into the booth and throw a quick vocal down before she left and we got it in just a couple takes. I’m a big fan of her work, a big fan of NIGHTMODE and am excited for this release.”— Latroit

Transient Bio

Transient is a music collective fronted by veteran scene leaders Graham Goodwin, founder of the genre-defining techno label ‘Octopus Records’,  Grammy-winning, certified Platinum selling producer LATROIT,  whose notable contributions to the world of Electronic Music begin in Detroit and span three decades,  and The Archer, founder of There Is a Light Records based in Los Angeles. The music is inspired, and created by the analog synthesizers that drew the artists to music in the 80’s. Notably, Latroit’s original Roland Juno-6, purchased in 1984, plays a prominent role in Transient productions to this very day.

Night Mode, part of Insomniac Music Group, is founded by Twitch streamer and content creator Tucker (Jericho) Boner & Daniel Goudie (of Disciple Recs & Rare Breed). 

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