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TV Noise “Bring It Back” EP STMPD RCRDS

It’s been worth the wait. TV Noise are back with a hot new 3-tracker to kick off the year with. The amazing Bring It Back EP pulls together two trademark TV Noise bangers, and a third curveball which will catch the world off guard.

Download “Bring It Back EP”

Bring It Back is a typically wild ride through the mad minds of TV Noise, with crunchy bass squelches punching their way through the snappy beats and manic array of freaky noises and UK rave flavor vocals. A soaring lead riff is unleashed in the breakdown as respite from the crazy shrieking, with infectious percussive fills thrown into the mix to top it all off.

The rowdy vocals add some fierce MC flavour to another raucous banger. The earworm vocal hook adds more colour still as big brass blasts ring out and warped synth and bass combos pulverise the beat. As ever, it’s a mix of sounds and flavours that no-one can truly imitate.

And then there’s Rhythm, the unexpected twist on this EP. The track’s origins come from when the duo played at Ultra Japan and were immersed in techno at the afterparty. They felt inspired to create something that would fit into these sets, and this is the superb result.

Taking a more stripped-back approach than their usual sound, it’s still full of the charisma and character that they are known for. Hip-shaking beats sway under a springy synth, chopped-up sirens, low throbbing bass and commanding vocals. It’s no-nonsense dancefloor material.

With Ultra Miami in March to look forward to, the TV Noise boys are well armed with these three weapons. Use with caution—only the hypest crowds will understand!