Ulrich Forman Blends Acoustic And Electronic Music In New Album ‘Chapter IV: Vulnerable’

French composer, songwriter and producer Ulrich Forman shares new album, ‘Chapter IV: Vulnerable’ –  Stream Ulrich Forman’s new album ‘Chapter IV: Vulnerable’ Here.

‘Chapter IV: Vulnerable’, follows on the release of recents singles including, intimate  ‘Shadows Of Memories’,  ‘Wish I’d Loved You More’ – a collaboration with rising Alt-pop French singer Bergmann and French rapper Days –  the powerful, ‘At Last’, and the intimate ‘Breathin’. The single served as an introduction to Ulrich Forman’s emotive journey through the pain and joy that comes with love, vulnerability and songwriting he explores in his new albumWhile ‘At Last’ reflected on the aftermath of love and ‘Breathin’ explored the emotions of “falling in love without warning”,  in ‘Wish I’d Loved You More’ Ulrich continued exploring the theme touched upon with ‘At Last’, the relationship is consumed, love is dead.

Intimate, crafted with precision and delicacy, Ulrich’s music is wrapped around lyrics tinged with poetry. His arrangements, both sober and rich,  sewn thread by thread with remarkable craftsmanship, combine emotive melodies, intricate guitars and warm acoustics with touches of electronic influences to create delicate yet expansive indie folk songs.

“I started writing ‘Chapter IV’ about two years ago. I already had a few tracks and ideas laid down when I got into a really bad motorcycle accident,” explains Ulrich talking about the upcoming album. Finding himself unable to play guitar or piano, the artist had to come up with a new writing process; “for the first time, I started by writing lyrics without any melodies in mind, that led me to write introspective lyrics about very intimate subjects, which would later become the foundation of the album”.

Lyrics became the beating heart of ‘Chapter IV’: Vulnerable’, with Ulrich tailoring the music around them in order to create the perfect settings to express them. “I did not want those lyrics hidden behind heavy musical arrangements. I chose an almost bare and minimalistic aesthetic, so that they could breathe and convey the vulnerability I felt after the accident that I was so desperately trying to accept”.Using tools traditionally associated with electronic music or hip-hop, and replacing organic instruments with samples, drum machines, autotune, this new writing process forced Ulrich to learn a new way of composing music; “I could not hide behind routine,” he says; “in a way, that led me to a certain type of innocence and sincerity I had when I first started composing,” he enthuses.

His previous releases – including two EPs, ‘See My Love’ and ‘Chapter II’, followed by the debut album ‘Chapter III’ – have seen his signature sound evolving from rusty folk to bloomy and sheer compositions bathed in tenderness. On stage or in studio, he collaborates with Yann TiersenFab Dupont (Paul Mc Cartney/Carly Rae Jepsen), Florent Livet (Phoenix/Bloc Party), Pavle Kovacevic (Sébastien Tellier), Chab (Feist/Daft Punk) and Graham Hawthorne (Brian Wilson/Paul Simon).

Ulrich Forman new album ‘Chapter IV’: Vulnerable’  is out nowStream Ulrich Forman’s new album ‘Chapter IV: Vulnerable’ Here