VA: Path Integral V on Sum Over Histories

Sum Over Histories release 16-track compilation album Path Integral V

The latest release from Sum Over Histories, the label from Frankey & Sandrino, is a 16-track compilation album featuring productions from an eclectic range of artists. The annual compilation rounds off a massive year of releases from Sum Over Histories and is a celebration of the artists and friends who have helped establish the label as a pioneer in house and techno since its launch in 2016.

Label regular INVŌKER kicks off proceedings with “It Happens At Night,” a sonic house track that builds tension with atmospheric synths and deep bass. Those familiar with the producer will recognise his ability to portray emotion through sound, and this haunting, spiritual intro track is no exception. Producers Altman and Evans follow with “Alone Dancer,” a slow indie dance track with echo effects that create supernatural and sublime-sounding vocals.

James Harcourt continues the other-worldly theme with “Open,” a stripped-back and minimal track that crescendoes with mechanical synths and robotic hardware that suggests detachment from reality.

Foreign Guest and CUMA steer the ship in the direction of industrial electro with “Kdw,” followed by a change of pace from Marvio whose track “Mir” combines drums, synths and percussion to take the listener on a meditative journey. With “Chak Chak” Bongo & Pusk’s passion for brass and snares shines through, while Barcelona’s Cipy creates an instinctive analog and digital slow-burn house track with “Breath of Izzy,” perfect for close-eyed dancing.

Jozef K’s “Dance Until The End Of Time” is an exploration into the deep heart and expansive realm of electronic music and acts as a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic mind of this illustrious artist. Berlin-based Budakid breaks boundaries with “Tadacuma”, an industrial and urgent track that masterfully combines strings, bass, synths and hi-hats to create a celebration of the versatility of slow techno. With “Exit? Exist” Argentina’s Marvio explores the dark corners of dance music using dense structuring and unexpected time signatures with a sense of calmness and curiosity.

With “Seconds,” Alican looks at the concept of the passing of time, no doubt inspired by months spent in lockdown. Avangart Tabldot adds a sprinkling of mischief with “Chemicals,” a buoyant electro track full of robotic bleeps and thick bass, just begging to be played over a world-class sound-system. Agustin Giri adds a touch of minimalism with “Petals” while “Sustento” by Desglose shares a deep and introspective track that treads the line between house and techno with a bit of adrenaline thrown in the mix. Low& and Natz bring warbly breaks and vocals to “Anarchy,” a track made for late nights on underground club circuits.

Between Ourselves teams up with INVŌKER to round off this years seminal compilation with “This Can’t Be It,” a high-energy house track that embodies the energy of Sum Over Histories – explorative, unexpected and one-of-a-kind.

The VA: Path Integral V is out on Sum Over Histories on Friday 26th November.


Sum Over Histories is a label for the conscious listener – ‘contemporary electronic music made for closed-eyed dancers.’ – founded and run by Frankey & Sandrino. Driven by a passion for electronic dance music in all its forms, the label creates space for multi-instrumentalists and producers to explore their inner selves, creating introverted narratives that encourage profound listening for our minds, not just beats and rhythms for our bodies.