vaultboy reveals his new video for latest single ‘rocket science’

Today rising artist vaultboy shares the impressive video to his dangerously catchy latest single rocket science.

Watch it HERE

Since launching earlier this year, vaultboy has been building a name for himself by making irresistible music, born to be kept on repeat. After embarking on a TikTok challenge of writing a song a day, it didn’t take long before the viral hit ‘everything sucks’ arrived. A track that instantly resonated with listeners, it took TikTok by storm and today sits at 49 million streams on Spotify and has been sampled in over half a million TikTok videos.

Quickly proving everyhing sucks was not a one off, vaultboy has been winning hearts with his music ever since. vaultboys playful addictive pop sound is the perfect vessel for his relatable, cathartic songwriting and effortless vocals. Sharing a little more about rocket science, he explained: “I was in the “talking stage” with this girl who I really liked but it felt extremely difficult to shoot my shot: a feeling most people have felt. I wrote “rocket science” to tell that story, my story, about knowing you both have feelings for each other, and saying “what the hell, let’s do this!” After all, it’s not rocket science. “

Born and bred in Jacksonville, Florida, he first began experimenting with music at High School and he has been honing his skills ever since. After joining TikTok at the end of 2020 he found the platform to be the perfect match for his clever, quick ability to write songs and engage an audience which now sits at 1.2 Million followers. With more in the pipeline, vaultboy is certainly an artist to watch out for in 2022.

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