VAVO & Nicopop ft. ZOHARA ‘Why Do I ?’

The unstoppable trio made up of VAVO, Nicopop, and ZOHARA are back with their  brand-new release together called ‘Why Do I?’, and it is definitely not one to miss out  on. With a substantial amount of career accolades shared between them, it is  undeniable that their work together would go down a treat on any dancefloor or set  alike. Between VAVO’s last 5 songs being charted on Billboard Dance, Nicopop’s  work with Slayyyter’s “Clouds” garnering 3.6m streams on Spotify and ZOHARA  featuring on “Remember” by Gryffin, which amassed over 78 million streams on  Spotify, fans are definitely in good hands with this one. 

Listen Here:

You can expect ‘Why Do I’ to grab you from the beginning, as sultry and atmospheric  vocals from ZOHARA take the lead, which is backed by those high-energy and  bouncy piano elements that deliver pure bliss. This merges perfectly with the choppy  bassline, which exudes high amounts of energy that keeps you on your toes, as the  heavy bass sounds and fun subtle elements wash over you. Overall providing the  ultimate summer vibes crafted for your lounge sessions at home down to partying on  the golden beaches of Ibiza, ‘Why Do I? performs as a high-energy number that is a  well-rounded, polished original ideal for the radio or dancefloor alike. 

This trio has really hit the nail on the head in terms of this release. ‘Why Do I’ is  breaking grounds as a professionally wrapped package full to the brim of bubbly and  original sounds that come together to deliver pure excellence. The vocals from  ZOHARA really wrap this release up and it exudes a catchy and danceable vibe,  which is hard to reciprocate in an ocean of releases nowadays in the modern dance  industry, but this single definitely sets them apart. Expect ‘Why Do I?’ to be  supported by the imprint Kess Records, where the three fit in amongst the  impressive roster and prestigious label tasked with bringing the best EDM music the  scene has to offer to the table. 

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