Vince Watson’s Amorphic alias debuts on Ben Sims’ Symbolism with ‘Resonation EP’

The artist returns to the label for the first time since his V-Phorms moniker landed in 2002.

The EP, the third since techno stalwart and sometime Delsin and Tresor artist Watson launched the Amorphic alias in 2021, is three tracks of throbbing, pacey techno that leans heavily on Detroit minimalist aesthetics.

From ‘A8’s creeping, restrained intensity via the relentless build of ‘A25’ to the percussive mania of ‘A35’, Watson’s years of experience are distilled into devastatingly effective pieces of timeless techno that massively contrast the more musical works under his given name.

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Amorphic’s ‘Resonation’ EP is released on Symbolism on August 19th.


01 A8
02 A25
03 A35