Vluarr feat. Edu Monteiro ‘On Our Own’ STMPD RCRDS

Vluarr has teamed up with Edu Monteiro for his latest STMPD effort ‘On Our Own’. All about energy and atmosphere, the lyrics of the track talk about that there will always be people that want to see you go down, but you will never give up even if it means you will be on your own. 


Vluarr: ‘’I wanted to have a big contrast between a more dramatic atmosphere and an energetic drop, because that’s something I really like. I wanted to make this track very energetic but with lots of atmosphere in it. The lyrics are about that there will always be people who want to see you fall, but that you will never give up on yourself even when you are on your own. It’s called On Our Own because this is meant for everyone. I found out about Edu through a friend producer of mine. I wrote the lyrics already, but Edu’s voice brought it to a higher level. Working together was really nice.’’