Watch the electrifying video to Chymera’s “Varial Crush”

“Varial Crush” has already received praise from Acid Ted & 6AM Group

About the video, creator Olivia Corsia said: “I attempted to visualise the sound through the inside and outside of a geometrical shape. Using the MIDI controller, like in a live performance, I was able to follow the beat and to relate an image to it. 1, 2, 3, 4, … see the sound, listen to the Image. Varial Crush of different elements. A geometrical sphere, an analog human & sparkling bubbles floating in the space. Nothing makes sense, but eventually, everything is connected through the music.”

Producing records since 2002, releasing internationally since 2006, Irishman Chymera praises the electronic capital with his new release Varial Crush, a carefully honed 2-track EP of house and dub techno, via Sound of Berlin.


Varial Crush showcases everything Chymera does well: the rhythms are intricate and shifting, the house chords are appropriate, smooth, and elegant, the track ups the tension before climaxing in a heart-racing break. The EP scales back the rhythms to paint a portrait of the electronic capital, Berlin. The track is warm and hopeful. Its gentle swells tease the feeling out of a mild-mannered chord line.

With the second track Earth, Chymera brushes his chords with the force of a house producer laying down dub techno. The song builds up into an intrinsic narrative, playing around the variations of the chords and sirens’ sounds growing slowly into a calm and atmospheric epiphany.

Producing electronic music since 2002, Chymera gained wider recognition in 2006 with the release of his track “Midnight at the Aquarium”, sitting neatly at the juxtaposition of house and techno, forcefully announcing his arrival on the international scene. He followed this up with several key tracks on heavyweight labels like Ovum, Delsin, and NRK and further solidified his intensely personal brand of melodic techno and house. Adept at performing his own music, he’s honed his playing style over the years to the point where he can rock any stage, big or small, reinterpreting his favourite tracks for the audience and utilizing various pieces of hardware in addition to his trusty Ableton setup. His energetic sets have brought him to almost every continent and some of the finest clubs and festivals, such as Panorama Bar, Today’s Art Festival, Womb, Output, Nachtdigital, Rex Club, and more.

As well as releasing his introspective album “Death By Misadventure” on Connaisseur, notable tracks like “Curl” on Dirt Crew Recordings, and emotional techno epic “Pump” on Cocoon, Chymera has found his way into the hearts of many DJ’s and fans around the world. It’s no wonder that he’s been approached to remix tracks by Moby, Funk D’Void, Alex Niggemann, and Hunter/Game amongst others.

To this day, he’s stayed true to himself, combining his love of Detroit techno and Chicago house into a thoroughly individual and distinctive mix.

About Sound of Berlin

Sound Of Berlin is the fusion of a multichannel platform and a record label with the aim of amplifying the smaller voices around Berlin’s celebrated electronic music- and nightlife scene.

At a time, where mobility has drastically changed and impacted the global live music industry, Sound Of Berlin aims to give emerging artists of the Berlin scene a platform and worldwide reach. We want to drive innovation and creation in the scene by mentoring and supporting emerging artists during those difficult times. Our goal is to raise the smaller voices in the scene, be they independent one-man labels, self- releasing artists, club owners, independent curators, stage- and light designers, just to name a few. We want to shine a light on all aspects of the scene and give everyone a voice.

The name Sound Of Berlin may sound familiar to avid electronic music fans. Having kickstarted the platform with the incredibly successful documentary two years ago, which showed interviews with some of Berlin’s most prominent figures in the scene.