Wavedash Looks Forward With Ebullient Bass Single “Fight it” on Gud Vibrations

The Texas-based trio make their return to Gud Vibrations with their follow-up single.

Wavedash are making their long-awaited return to Gud Vibrations with the infectious and inventive single  “Fight It,” the follow-up appearance after shaking the dance music scene with the debut LP. 

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Texas-based electronic supergroup Wavedash are day-ones for NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations camp. The prodigious trio were the first artists signed to the label in 2018, and have stuck close by ever since to release their debut album ‘World Famous Tour with the imprint in 2021. Their new single represents the next chapter of their artistic journey. 

Known for their innovative approach, Wavedash fuse forward-thinking production with an underlying catchiness for a fresh bop that honors their past while shining a light on what lies ahead. Centered around a smooth, addictive vocal loop, the untouchable triad expertly builds around it, layering it with touching basslines, powerful leads, and snappy drum breaks. The drops elicit a sense of unbridled excitement as filtered idiosyncratic melodies dance over bubbling percussive accents and monumental synths. An airy familiarity acts as a warm embrace balancing the emotive and energetic punch carried throughout. “Fight It” is proof that accessible and experimental do not have to be mutually exclusive. 

Wavedash explains why the single felt at home on Gud Vibrations saying: “It wasn’t really a choice to put this out on Gud Vibrations, it felt like it had to happen. They took a big risk with us; we were the first artist they ever signed. They put out our debut album ‘World Famous Tour’—a first for them, as well. And that’s really what this is all about, completing the circle. We feel very ready to be done with the idea of ‘World Famous Tour.’ It was a real representation of us at the time of making it, but that was a long time ago! It’s hard to see ourselves attached to that idea now. It’s time for what’s next…”

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Wavedash began with the unification of three teenage prodigies. The group has evolved to become one of the most envelope-pushing projects in dance music. Their love across the industry is well documented with support from top-tier artists such as Slander, NGHTMRE, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Louis the Child, and San Holo. With upcoming performances at Project Glow Fest and Capitol Hill Block Party, the future is bright for these continually rising stars. 

Wavedash’s new single “Fight It” is available on all platforms via Gud Vibrations.

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