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We The Kings Release New EP ‘SAGA’ “NO 1 LIKE U” Official Music Video Out Now

We The Kings  “NO 1 LIKE U” ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Florida Pop-Rock group We The Kings release their new highly-anticipated EP ‘SAGA’ via S-Curve Records/BMG. The EP can be purchased or streamed here, and includes the previously released singles “Turn It Up,” “These Nights,” “No 1 Like U,” and “Falling (So In Love).”


Watch the “No 1 Like U” official music video HERE.

For a majority of 2020 while We The Kings were at home, the band carefully put the final touches on ‘ SAGA’ and dropped new singles from the EP, giving listeners a taste of what to expect. Fans, old and new, have been thrilled to hear a familiar sound that the band has been known for while delivering an exciting, bold mix of pop songs that include acoustic, electric guitar and electronic instrumentation. Songwriting has always been at the forefront of We The Kings as a collective as they aim to bring listeners and fans even closer together with their most thought-provoking music to date.

Vocalist/guitarist Travis Clark decided to take a trip down memory lane with ‘ SAGA,’ and purposefully wrote the lyrics in a way to document their rich history as a band. Clark reminiscences, “I wanted to figure out a special way to showcase all the milestones and accomplishments that we’ve achieved as a band (like a yearbook or photo collage) and then we thought, what better way than an EP that references each of our 6 previously released albums.”

Each song revisits a writing style, emotion and overall headspace all at the time, and takes the listener to a time and place that was important to Clark and the rest of the band. As all of Clark’s lyrics are sentimental and deeply personal, they are also relatable and harness nostalgia without the potential downsides of not living in the present.

Each song takes Clark back to those defining moments, from signing management contracts, falling in love with his wife, a proposal at an iconic LA hiking destination, and even the new realities of living long distances from his closest friends and bandmates during a pandemic. “The EP and the memories tied to each song is a dedication to our fans who always show up for us in massive numbers and scream every lyric at the top of their lungs” says Clark . Ultimately, that inspiration for each song may pique the curiosity of the fans, but the intent of the lyrics are always meant to be interpreted and taken as something that can truly belong to the listener.

Alongside the release of the ‘SAGA’ EP, their throwback driven “No 1 Like U” music video pulls influences from 90’s movie culture and the fact the members of We The Kings were also in high school at the time. From poster-covered bedrooms to looking back to that time in life when all one could think about was their crush, the song and video take the listener down a nostalgic road that the band knows how to deliver very well. Travis Clark , along with Hunter Thomsen (guitar), Danny Duncan (drums), Charles Trippy (bass) and Coley O’Toole (keyboard, guitar) have built a dedicated, longtime fan base off writing songs about love and both the best and most challenging times of our youth.

To celebrate the EP release, the band hosted an exclusive Zoom release party for fans who entered for a chance to win. This Friday (2.12), Spotify listeners can find a ‘ SAGA’ focused track by track playlist as part of Spotify’s recently unveiled Shows with Music format. The show gives fans a chance to hear commentary on each song directly from Clark in this exciting new Spotify exclusive feature. Additionally, We The Kings will also be launching a SMULE campaign on the popular karaoke platform for the songs “No 1 Like U” and “Sad Song” later this month. Fans can stay up to date on all upcoming virtual events via their social media channels.

We The Kings exploded onto the music scene in 2007 with the release of their self-titled debut, producing singles like “Check Yes Juliet” and follow-ups including “Sad Song,” “Heaven Can Wait,” “We’ll Be A Dream (feat. Demi Lovato),” and “Say You Like Me.” Over the course of eight albums, EPs and countless singles the band has built a loyal fan base, leading to packed tours, festivals and a 2017 worldwide tour with sold out dates celebrating 10 years of their self-titled debut. Clark has also fine-tuned his production and writing skills, continuing to expand his home studio and furthering his co-writing efforts which have resulted in standout singles with other artists such as Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan and more.